Tarrin Lupo
Tarrin Lupo

Olive oil bars, old hardware store, Alzheimer's and sugar
Tarrin Lupo 
Date: 11-25-2014
Subject: Health and Physical Fitness

I'm still adjusting to life in N.C. but I am enjoying it. I have been focusing on my health lately and have been eating much healthier. I am practicing what I preach. I was getting kind of bored eating the same meals over and over so I thought I would drive out to a custom olive oil bar to find some new flavors.

They had rows and rows of custom infused oils, vinegar, and spices. Some of the flavors where really great, but eventually you narrow it down and make up your own blend from your favorites. They fill your bottle right in front of you and seal it up, it was really fun. Then I wandered over to an old hardware store which looked like it has not bought new stock since the 1940s. It was really cool and reminded me of the hardware stores I would go to when I lived in West Virginia.

Also, here is an article about insulin resistance leading to Alzheimer's. New research is pointing at a high carbohydrate diet as the culprit that sets this terrible disease in motion. In fact in some circles they are actually calling Alzheimer's type 3 diabetes  We see a good deal of insulin resistance cases at the clinic.

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