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Greg J Dixon
Hovind Persecution Continues  

Hovind Persecution Continues

Greg J. Dixon

Dr. Kent Hovind has now spent nine years in various state jails and Federal Prisons all over America on trumped up charges called "structuring", which Congress passed to catch those involved in organized crime, not a pastor and his wife who were simply structuring their ministry affairs to avoid taxes, which is not a crime.  Dr. Hovind for many years has been noted as one of the greatest Creation/Science speakers and researchers in America.  He was the founder of Dinosaur Land in Pensacola, Florida and a world renowned debater on the subject of evolution, creationism and intelligent design and also is the author of many books and videos on these subjects.  The following article is republished from Dr. Kent Hovind's Blog exactly as it appeared as his son Eric posted it. However the citizens of our country have been so dumbed down that a prosecutor can convince a grand jury and a jury of anything.  However in the end Bro. Hovind and his wife Jo, who also served for one year in a Federal prison were betrayed by one of their own Christian brothers and sisters.  Rev. Hovind will go on trial again in federal court in Tallahassee, Florida on January 5th for obstructing the court and filing "frivolous" papers, etc.  They are also trying to seek further charges of mail fraud which would add another twenty years, because you have to mail the briefs to the court you know.  

Santa Rosa County Jail — More Criminal Charges


Dad, Kent Hovind, was moved from Atlanta, Georgia to the facility in Tallahassee, Florida in the middle of July. Then, on August 13, 2014, he was moved to the Santa Rosa County Jail in Milton, Florida. The reason for Move #22 in his nearly nine-year incarceration, is to take Dad back to court on September 8, 2014.

The prosecution obtained approval from Judge Rodgers to press more criminal charges. These allegations purport that the appeals, motions, and lawsuits filed by Kent Hovind are "frivolous" and that they have "encumbered" the government. In spite of the fact that in the county facility, he has no access to his legal files, he will be represented by a public defender at his September 8 trial.

Dad's new address is:
Kent Hovind #06452-017
Santa Rosa County Jail
PO Box 7129
Milton, FL 32572

We continue to pray that this long battle will end in order that Dad can fully devote his time to fighting on the battlefield for men's eternal souls. Thank you for praying with us to that end.

Eric Hovind

(Editor's note: At the hearing on Sept. 8 the trial was postponed until January 5 because the Public Defender that has been assigned to defend Bro. Hovind said that he did not have time to prepare.  For regular updates please subscribe to:  the trumpet-on line at:  http://the-trumpet-online.com/

http://the-trumpet-online.com/ or go to Dr. Kent Hovind on You Tube. There is also a web site at: 2 Peter3. com.  Also you can go to Dr. Kent Hovind's Blog.