Smart Meter Hearing DATE CHANGED to Friday, 12/12 only

Smart Meter Hearing DATE CHANGED to Friday, 12/12 only
Donna Hancock 
Date: 12-10-2014
Subject: Events: Arizona

WHERE:       ARIZONA CORPORATION COMMISSION  ~  Details posted on AZCC Site   www.azcc.gov

                1200 W. Washington Ave., Phoenix  

WHEN:             Friday, 12/12*  10 a.m.

DISCUSSION:      Personal experiences pertaining to you or your families health issues from Smart Meters; recent flawed AZ/DPS Health Study (see Elizabeth Kelly's email below); Opt-out Proposals & Rate Increases*   

Please let neighbors, friends, family and any health practitioners know about this important meeting ~ both APS or SRP customers should attend.  

*APS requesting Rate Increase:  Docket #E-01345A-13-0069

Complaints may be reviewed www.azcc.gov  Docket #E-00000C-11-0328     

Agenda:  See #s 32, 33 & 34  


*However, hearings are subject to possible cancellation without further notice to non-parties.  

Interested parties should check with the Hearing Division 602-542-4250 prior to attending any matter scheduled.  


Dear Arizonans for Safer Utility Infrastructure and friends,

Well, it looks like the Arizona Corporation Commission will finally be holding a hearing on smart meters on Friday December 12. Details will be posted on the AZCC website as of December 4 -

After over three years, it is long awaited. The Arizona State Health Department issued its report on smart meters and, not surprisingly, reports there are no adverse biological or health effects from smart meters. To prepare this report, the DPH relied heavily on other state DPH reports - California, Maine, Texas and Vermont. The report is flawed in many ways. 
In the report, among other deep flaws, the AZ/DPH rejected the AAEM affidavit I submitted. since they think  the AAEM is not a recognized medical specialty (even though AAEM's MD  members are board certified and trained in medicine).  They did accept Dr. David Carpenter's affidavit, which I had also submitted. 
Several of us are gearing up to attend and have invited a prominent expert on electromagnetic radiofrequency radiation biological and health effects to testify. 
The agenda will include:  the AZ/DPS Health report on smart meters; the opt out proposals from APS and TEP (the 30 rural electrical cooperatives in Arizona requested a waiver from the AZCC so they do not have to offer opt-outs; and, proposed privacy rules.
You can help by getting letters from health practitioners in Arizona who treat people with EHS, including Dr. Michael Grey and Dr. Robert Crago.
I know you are either current or former patients of these two doctors. I am attaching the AZ/DHS smart meter report.
They can file their letters directly on line in e-Docket #O1345A-13-0069 at www.azcc.gov. They can mail them to me at my home - 3031 N. Gaia Place, Tucson AZ 85745 and I will hand carry them to read and present them directly at the hearing.  Send well in advance as the mail s slow during the holidays.  This may be our final call to weigh in...

Here is the link to website address for the USA State of Arizona Dept. of Health Services Smart Meter Report -- 

If you know of other doctors in Arizona who would be willing to do this, forward this message to them and ask them to do it -  from you.  
Forward this message judiciously, we do not want to help the other side.
To our good health, long and happy lives,
Elizabeth Kelley MA
Coordinator, Arizonans for Safer Utility Infrastucture
Director, Electromagnetic Safety Alliance   

3031 N. Gaia Place,

Tucson, AZ 85745

520 743-0125