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It has been a fun 10 years  

Adios.  This is goodbye from me as Senior Editor of Freedom's Phoenix.

Time flies.  Just a couple of months ago Ernie reminded me Freedoms' Phoenix's tenth anniversary was approaching.  Had anyone asked I would have likely said we were around seven years old unless I thought about it.  It has gone by fast.

I remember when Ernie and I were hammering out a business proposal in the early summer of 2005.  I had my vision of a web site that would influence talk radio content and discussion nationwide.  Ernie's activist/freedom vision was vaster and deeper. The result was created by webmaster/programmer Tyger Gilbert, hosted by BetterThanYours.com (IT guru and local attorney Michael Kielsky) and hit the net in September of 2005. 

We have seen two horrific dictatorships, innumerable wars and the Ron Paul r3VOLution come during that time.  We have seen the extensive police state and surveillance apparatus exposed.  We have seen great invention and inspired ideas as well as a general despising of government and rise of anarchism in ten years too.  We have seen the tools of freedom become widely available and at very low cost. 

Sadly I must bid farewell.  It has been a privilege to keep the postings and newsletter up to date all these years.  These duties will now be taken over by Ernie.  How effective we have been the past ten years is difficult for me to measure.   Ernie promises new directions and changes that will evolve the site into its next iteration.  Making this site at least financially break even was an original key goal we have failed miserably at.  I hope the immediate future of FP will show that profit and activism can coexist. 

I will continue on as a FP writer, posting my thoughts and a few amazing science or egregious news stories I run across from time to time.  My last newsletter will be Monday's.  Adios.