Ammon Bundy - Bundy Ranch
Ammon Bundy - Bundy Ranch

UPDATE on AB408 - AN ACT relating to public lands
Ammon Bundy 
Date: 04-10-2015
Subject: Property Rights

Dear Friends,

After much deliberation and fighting to keep this bill from being highjacked by legislators that do not have the peoples best interest in mind, this is what AB408 has become. It is very simple and effective and accomplishes most of what we wanted it to. Please get familiar with it so you can continue to fundamentally support it. As you will see it is a people bill and puts many thing back into proper order.  It is worth supporting. It did pass out of the committee and will be voted on the floor before April 21st. Your action in coming to the hearing and contacting the legislatures have once again made the difference in moving this bill along. 

Ammon Bundy 


SEC 1. (a) The right of the citizens of Nevada to access public land for camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, rock climbing, trail riding, or other activities in the state shall not be infringed, the doctrine of multiple use shall apply.

(b) The Federal Government and officials and agents thereof shall not enforce law or regulation in this State except on land properly ceded in pursuant to NRS 328.075. The elected Sheriff is the chief law officer of the county, all law enforcement exercises within the exterior boundaries of the county must be authorized by the elected Sheriff.

(c) The right to the beneficial use of the resources on deeded property, including the development of the subsurface minerals, are reserved to the private property owner.

(d) A person who owns stock-watering rights on public lands pursuant to chapter 533 of NRS also owns the grazing rights as recorded for the stock-watering rights. Forage and access are an essential component of a stock watering rights.

(e) The Federal Government and any governmental entity from outside this State may not file for permit on, hold title to, hold deed to or claim the right to stock-water within the State except on land properly ceded in pursuant to NRS 328.075.

(f) Any land or water or other natural resource to which the Federal Government claims ownership in violation of NRS 328.075 are the common property of the citizens of this State and the right to put such resource to beneficial use will be appropriated in the manner prescribed by NRS 533.324 to 533.435, inclusive.

SEC 2. The act becomes effective upon passage and approval