Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman

Scandalous NYT Anti-Palestinian Propaganda
Stephen Lendman 
Date: 10-15-2015
Subject: Israel - Palestine

Scandalous NYT Anti-Palestinian Propaganda

by Stephen Lendman

The self-styled "newspaper of record" makes yellow journalism look good by comparison. Willfully falsified and distorted information substitutes for cold, hard truths.

The Times' coverage of ongoing violence in Occupied Palestine reveals its racist hatred - one-sidedly supporting Israel's killing machine, vilifying Palestinians for courageous self-defense. They're heroes, not villains, up against one of the world's most ruthless regimes.

The Times' latest editorial blames Palestinians for Israeli high crimes - headlined "The Cycle of Violence," ignoring Netanyahu-ordered state terror fully supported by Washington, vilifying Palestinian youths as knife-wielding terrorists. 

Highlighting seven Israeli deaths, claiming only 12 Palestinians killed, ignoring at least 33 murdered by Israel since October 1, around five dozen since January.

Numerous alleged stabbing incidents or attempts are falsified - eyewitness testimonies and/or video evidence refuting official reports, repeated without fact-checking by Western and Israeli media, operating as propaganda services, not legitimate news sources.

According to The Times, Palestinian "attacks demonstrate…that a new generation of (youths) is ready to turn to suicidal violence, and that these youths do not need an organization to mobilize them. Israel has every right to defend its citizens, and it should."

Fact: Netanyahu planned and orchestrated the latest cycle of violence - longstanding Israeli strategy to incite Palestinian anger, usually expressed through stone-throwing, then blame victims for Israeli crimes, Western and Israeli media providing supportive coverage, turning journalism into a sinkhole of Big Lies and distortion.

Times editors hailed the disgraceful Oslo Accords as a model peace initiative, ignoring its unconditional surrender terms. They explained nothing about the legitimate, democratically elected Hamas government, claiming the (Israeli installed) PA lost control over Gaza, opposite of what actually happened.

They perpetuated the peace process myth, urging both sides to try again, mindless of longstanding facts on the ground. Israel will never grant Palestinians self-determination. 

It's up to them to establish it on their own, easily accomplished with most nations on their side. It's just a matter of following proper procedure Abbas and likeminded PA traitors won't initiate.

Palestinians for peace, equity and justice must reject their ruinous rule, appoint their own leaders, and wage their liberating struggle alone.

On Thursday, Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh issued a statement, saying:

"The message of our wounded is that Gaza, despite the distance and its deep suffering due to the siege and war, still stands behind the battle of Jerusalem, and that Gaza is in the heart of Jerusalem's Intifada."

"Jerusalem's Intifada has sent a message that Jerusalem is not a red line, but instead the title of the strategy in the conflict with Israel. Gaza will not draw back or give up its role in protecting Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque."

He called for a Friday "day of rage" against Israeli viciousness. Netanyahu announced heavier deployment of troops and other security forces in response.

As this article is being written early Friday morning, it's too early to know how things will unfold. If past is prologue, things could get very ugly - likely more Palestinian deaths, injuries and mass arrests. 

Unrestrained Israeli brutality is notorious, what Western media never explain. Instead featuring daily reports about Palestinian "terrorists" attacking Jews, giving short shrift to vicious Israeli state terror - longstanding collective punishment against an entire population, a high crime against humanity.

Palestinians contesting it are heroic, willing to die for freedom. They deserve universal support.

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