Marc J Victor - Attorney for Freedom
Marc J Victor - Attorney for Freedom

Mises Circle 2015 - What Must Be Done - Attorney Marc J. Victor
Marc J. Victor 
Website: Marc J. Victor - AttorneyForFreedom.com
Date: 11-18-2015
Subject: Events: Arizona

Marc J. Victor Speaks at Mises Circle

Attorney Marc J. Victor was asked to address the Mises Circle on the broken justice system and how to fix it. He was given 5 minutes to present his solution which consisted of 6 key areas that need to be addressed.

These areas are:

Win hearts and minds for freedom (all that matters)

Fix the law (end all victimless crimes)

Jury Education

Abolish mandatory minimum sentences

Reduce caseloads

Re-interpret commerce clause/abolish most federal crimes

Most importantly, focus on winning hearts and minds for freedom.