Stephen Lendman
Truth-Telling in Israel Risks Imprisonment  

Truth-Telling in Israel Risks Imprisonment

by Stephen Lendman

Israeli viciousness knows no limits, a racist police state masquerading as democratic.

Imad Barghouthi is a distinguished astrophysicist, an Al-Quds University Professor of Theoretical Space Plasma Physics.

Exercising his free expression right got him targeted by Israel in December 2014 over Facebook material he posted - critical of its summer 2014 aggression on Gaza. Truth-telling Israel dislikes is called incitement, terrorism or treason.

Barghouthi was arrested and detained without charge at the Jordanian border, heading for an Arab Association of Astronomy and Space Sciences meeting in the UAE.

Outrage expressed by the international scientific community and human rights groups got him released 47 days later.

He commented following his ordeal, saying he remains "subject to detention at any moment without charge or trial because of my political views and political affiliations."

On April 24, he was again lawlessly arrested, sentenced on May 2 to three months detention without charges or trial.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners' Society, an Israeli military court reduced it to two months over social media comments he made.

PPS lawyer Jawad Boulos said he was sentenced for what Israel calls Facebook "incitement." His defense counsel intends appealing. Academics worldwide signed a petition on his behalf.

On May 9, Israel sentenced 22-year-old Majd Yusif Atwan to 45 days in prison and a 3,000 shekel fine for comments she made on Facebook. 

Palestinians critical of Israeli high crimes risk arrest, torture, imprisonment or extrajudicial assassination.

Longstanding ruthless persecution continues. Israel flouts international law with impunity. Arabs have no rights in a state affording them solely to Jews.

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