Pat Schwind - 911 Truth...
Pat Schwind - 911 Truth...

Brain-storming and organizational meeting for 9-11 Truthers in Phoenix Sat July 23, 2106...
Pat Schwind 
Date: 07-18-2016
Subject: 911 / World Trade Center

Attention hard core 9-11 Truthers: Bodies needed for a few peaceful demonstrations to confront the so-called "patriots", (& the sad fact that ~ 50% of Americans still have their heads up their butts on the issue), at a few key locations, Sunday, 9-11-16.  If you can't wake up "til noon, no problem.  The oldsters'll handle it early & late.   But we'd really like to see more young folks willing to come out & help for the 15th anniversary.  Usually it's just Pat & a few other folks with a couple signs.   This year let's get dozens, or scores of us out there.   Usually, there's at least 4 - 5 huge "Support the Troops/Cops" gigs happening around the Valley, every 9-11.   This year, being a Sunday,  these venues may be packed, simply because most people have 'off' on Sunday.  Some folks even feel a little more "god's on my/our side"-ish on Sunday. 

The first organizational & brain storming session will be at Pat's home, Saturday, 7-23-16, 1pm.  He's right off the 202 Red Mtn freeway, in NW  Mesa.  Just call or text for address, or if you have any questions.  Please use: 480-250-8182, or his email: patdoesloans@cox.net.  Pat'll provide the pizza, salad & drinks. In the meantime, please let all your Truther friends know about the meeting of 7-23, & we need them on 9-11, in person.  Please forgive Pat, but he's a techno-Neanderthal, & does no social networking, which is why he'd like some help from tech savvy folks, to spread the word.

Also,  please start freezing some little water bottles, it could > 110 that Sunday, & start saving cardboard for signs.  Pat'll provide the markers.  Peace.