Tarrin Lupo
Tarrin Lupo

Raphael V. Lupo "Then and Now, My Life" Chapters 1 & 2
Tarrin Lupo 
Date: 12-02-2016
Subject: Just For Fun!

I interview Raphael Vincent Lupo about his book "Then and Now , My Life". In this segment we talk about chapter 1 and 2. Raphael explains why he wrote this book and gives an introduction of who he is. 
We also talk about how his parents joined the mass migrations of Italians in the early 1900's. We go over some rare old photos of the family and learn some lost family history he discovered. 
Lastly we talk about his first years of his life at Oakland Street located in Arlington, VA. Along the way Raphael a.k.a. "Ray" interjects some fun stories and we have some laughs.

In this interview we cover these relatives from Napoli and Salerno, Italy ; Vincenzo Ciro Matteo Lupo, Raphael Matthew Ciro Lupo, Raffaela Canzanella, Raffaele Lupo, Anne Bove, Raffaele Canzanella and Raffaela Vitiello.

We also cover the relatives from Torre Del Greco, Napoli, Livorno (Leghorn) : Yolanda Mary De Filippis, Ciro De Filippis, Assunta Pandolfi, Giuseppe De Filippis, Maria Ciole, Cristoforo Pandolfi, Angelina Di Donna.

We have lost all contact with our roots from Italy, if you are related to us or have information about our family tree, please help us find our lost relatives. Just leave a comment below and to contact me.