Tarrin Lupo
Tarrin Lupo

The Best Battery for Off Grid and Solar Systems - Nickel Iron NiFe Edison Battery - "Tarrin it Up"
Tarrin Lupo 
Date: 12-20-2016
Subject: Battery Project

Published on Dec 20, 2016

The most difficult problem with off-grid living, solar, and wind power systems is the batteries. Traditional lead batteries are cheap but low quality and die quickly in the cold. What if a battery existed that could run for 100 years, run in any kind of weather, and was simple to maintain?

Nickel Iron (NiFe) a.k.a Edison batteries are a forgotten technology that needs to be resurrected. Here I share how they work and how people are now making their own at home. I also share Ernest Hancock's battery program and the exciting future of Nickel Iron batteries.

For more information about the Nickel Iron Battery Project find it at Freedom's Phoenix link https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Subje...

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