Ross Trumble
Ross Trumble

Flood the Arizona Legislature With YOUR Demands (RTS System)
Ross Trumble 
Date: 02-28-2017
Subject: Arizona's Top News

Have you ever wanted to give a politician your two cents? What if you could send them a message about a bill that they're about to vote on and not be ignored? As it turns out, you can with the "Request to Speak" or RTS System.

RTS used to be called "ALIS" and while the name changed, the function remains the same.

This RTS system was designed to be used by you the concerned citizen when you see a piece of legislation that's worth giving those infamous legislators a piece of your mind.

Unlike an ignored email, voicemail or an undelivered written message, the information you transmit over the RTS system for a particular bill is shown to every politician voting on that bill. They cannot ignore these unless they close their eyes, which would be really awkward and noticeable during a televised committee hearing.

Here's what you need to know to take advantage of this system TODAY:

Step 1: Visit https://apps.azleg.gov/ and sign up for an account

Step 2: You (unfortunately) must physically go to one of the two locations listed below and sign in to enable the RTS feature on your account. This is their clever way of verifying you are a real person while alienating just about everyone in the state who doesn't live in Tucson or Phoenix

Phoenix Location                                              Tucson Location
1700 W. Washington St                                  400 West Congress St. Suite 201    
Phoenix, AZ 85007                                                   Tucson, AZ 85701

Step 3: Visit https://apps.azleg.gov/RequestToSpeak/TopicSearch and then look up the bill by number (i.e. HB 2525) or key words. Or if you happen to know which committee the bill will be heard in, there's a drop down menu to search by that variable. When you click on the big blue "Search" button, the bills that are available will be displayed and the far right column on each result will have a button that says "Add Request."

Step 4: Congratulations, if you've made it that far, the position and written comments you enter on the next screen will be added to the bill and be viewed by the committee members who will be voting on it.

Now imagine, if you will a certain bill capturing the attention of a lot of people just like yourself.  The picture dozens or, even hundreds of comments being added that bill by fired up voters.

The politicians will take notice and they will know there's hell to pay if they vote the wrong way. It might even cost them reelection.

And if you plan on attending the committee hearing in person, this same system can be used to sign in to actually step up to the podium and speak your mind, front, center and live.

Now that you know how to use RTS, make sure you use it and keep those folks who make your laws accountable to YOU.