Project ARIZONA News by Jacek Spendel
Project ARIZONA News by Jacek Spendel

Project Arizona accepts applications for the Class of 2018
Jacek Spendel 
Date: 08-17-2017
Subject: Events: Arizona

Dear Friends of Project Arizona,

I am happy to announce you that we are now accepting applications for Project Arizona Class of 2018 which will be held between early January – late March, 2018. The campaign is called "Raise Me to the Top!" and in the first phase we select (it's a two-step process) talented people to be part of it. In the second step we will raise money for each selected candidate. Right now I am kindly asking you to spread the information (email, Facebook, any channel) about the registration by sharing the link http://projectarizona.us/raise-me-to-the-top-2/ It might be also useful to link our Facebook page which is http://facebook.com/projectarizonaus/ What's important, our recruitment campaign is open only until September 10th

I imagine there are intelligent pro-liberty young people in your circles. We want to consider such people to send them to United States for life-changing opportunity. In addition, if you would like to support candidacy of certain applicant, feel encouraged to send me a short recommendation. Your opinion will certainly have an impact.

Your help in spreading the word will be more than appreciated. We don't have a budget for paid marketing so relying on allies and friends is the only way to spread the word about recruitment for Project Arizona. I would like to assure you that we are ready to help you anytime when you will have similar request in the future.

Sincerely & for Liberty,

Jacek Spendel
President, Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation (Poland)
Director, Project Arizona 
+48 509 615 488