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PLO Request for ICC to Investigate Settlements Going Nowhere  

PLO Request for ICC to Investigate Settlements Going Nowhere

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

The International Criminal Court (ICC) was established to prosecute culpable individuals for crimes of war, against humanity and genocide. Its mandate calls for "end(ing) impunity for the perpetrators of the most serious crimes of concern."

Around two-thirds of the world's nations are members of the ICC. The Palestinian Authority is a member. Israel isn't. Nor is America. Both nations signed the Rome Statute, then formally withdrew their ratification. 

It doesn't matter either way. The court is an imperial tool, targeting officials of nations Western powers designate, ignoring US-led NATO and Israeli high crimes, along with their rogue allies.

In April 2012,  the ICC rejected the PA's request to investigate Israeli war crimes during its December 2008/January 2009 Cast Led aggression.

Then chief prosecutor Jose Luis Moreno Ocampo spuriously claimed only internationally recognized states may join the court, Palestine a member later, not then.

He said Palestine is a UN General Assembly observer only, not a member-state, claiming only "relevant bodies at the United Nations" or group of states that make up the court may decide if Palestinians may become part of the Rome Statute.

At the time, Palestine was recognized as a state by around 140 nations, well more the GA's required two-thirds majority. Palestine then and now satisfy all essential criteria for UN membership, can easily obtain it. Abbas never tried, collaborating with Israel against his own people.

Last week, the PLO executive committee requested the ICC to investigate its illegal settlement activities - land theft, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid war crimes, a dubious initiative, a meaningless effort.

The PLO also called on UN authorities to take "necessary and speedy measures to inspect (Israel's) nuclear facilities," and to "provide protection to the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation," adding:

The international community "cannot continue with its double standard policy and not implement international law and UN resolutions when it comes to Israel."

The PLO request said "Jewish settler groups that have been terrorizing the Palestinian people in the occupied territories... should be considered as terrorist organizations and treated as such" for committing violence and vandalism against Palestinians, adding:

International law and UN resolutions "remain the only base for a comprehensive and balanced political settlement that will provide security and stability to all people in the region."

Will Palestinians be more successful this time, the ICC having rejected its earlier requests? It takes a giant leap of faith to believe it.

No matter what the court does or doesn't do, Israeli policies won't change. Apartheid viciousness, including land theft, settlement construction and ethnic cleansing will continue.

No one will be permitted near its nuclear facilities, nor is accountability for its high crimes forthcoming.

The PLO submitted its request to the ICC, knowing longstanding Israeli injustice against Palestinians won't be addressed responsibly - nor will its officials be held to account for their criminality.

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