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Will Russia Challenge Escalated US Aggression in Syria if Launched?  

Will Russia Challenge Escalated US Aggression in Syria if Launched?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

A previous article explained significant progress made by Syrian forces toward liberating East Ghouta from US-supported terrorists - falsely called "rebels" by Western officials and media.

According to Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Dan Coats, the Trump administration is considering another attack on Syrian forces - based on phony allegations of government troops using chemical weapons.

The same ruse was used last April to attack Syria's Shayrat airbase. Will the Trump administration order strikes on government forces to try stopping East Ghouta's liberation - the last US-supported terrorist stronghold in the country?

If launched, will Russia again fail to respond? Its S-400 missile defense systems control Syrian airspace, able to down hostile aircraft or missiles threatening government forces or its own ground personnel.

Failure to challenge US aggression responsibly encourages more. It's the same old story time and again. Inaction or appeasement are counterproductive, self-defeating.

By its own admission, Israel conducted numerous airstrikes on Syrian targets - naked aggression, paying no price until one of its F-16 warplanes was downed.

Washington, NATO, Israel and their rogue allies want endless war and regime change - making conflict resolution unattainable without challenging their agenda, taking a tough stand against it, tough enough to show Russia no longer will tolerate it.

Its intelligence likely knew of possible US aggression on Syrian forces before remarks by Coats and media reports. 

In response to US cruise missiles launched against Syria's Shayrat airbase last April, Russia called it aggression against a sovereign state, but did nothing - words without action, a meaningless gesture.

Washington considers criticism without teeth carte blanche to do what it pleases, knowing there's no price to pay.

It's time Russia exacted one - by downing one or more hostile US warplanes, along with destroying any cruise missiles launched against Syrian and allied forces.

Bullies like Washington prefer attacking nations it can overwhelm with superior power - Russia not one of them, notably since Putin explained its super-weapons, unmatched by America, NATO member states, or any other nations.

The world has one super-power - Moscow, not Washington. Slapping down its aggression if launched against Syrian forces won't likely be met with harsh retaliation - just hostile rhetoric amounting to nothing.

Most important would be the strong message delivered - Russia no longer willing to put up with US provocations and aggression.

If delivered forcefully enough, it would clearly be understood by Washington, NATO and Israel.

It would go a long way toward ending years of war in Syria, freeing the nation from US-led aggression, ending the terrorist threat, creating a chance to rebuild and restore peace in the ravaged country.

America's imperial agenda would suffer a major body blow - its regional drive for hegemony successfully challenged by Syrian and allied forces, notably Russia.

Putin responsibly intervened in September 2015 to help defeat the US-supported terrorist scourge in Syria - at the behest of Bashar al-Assad.

It's time to go the extra mile - a decisive step toward liberating the country by confronting US-led aggression forcefully.

Otherwise, Syria may become another Afghanistan - a quagmire ravaged by endless war without resolution.

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