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US Dirty Hands Behind ISIS Attacks  

US Dirty Hands Behind ISIS Attacks

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

ISIS and other Middle East terrorist groups were created and are supported by Washington.

They operate as an extension of US imperial policy, heavily armed proxy fighters doing America's killing and dying in pursuit of its hegemonic agenda.

Whenever ISIS attacks occur, diabolical US dirty hands are behind them, the human cost of no consequence, media scoundrels suppressing what's vital to report - supporting US wars of aggression, blaming victims for its high crimes.

ISIS claimed responsibility for attacks in Syria's Sweida province in the country's southwest near Jordan, killing scores of civilians, injuring scores more.

A security force source said 144 were killed, another 178 injured from multiple suicide attacks, many women and children affected. The incidents happened as Syrian forces continue liberating more areas from ISIS control.

The terrorist attacks were the largest-staged ones since the Obama regime launched naked aggression on Syria, war in its eighth year.

Incidents like Wednesday's show it could continue endlessly - as long as Washington rejects resolution.

Sweida carnage could have been worse. Syria media said security forces killed two suicide bombers before they could detonate their explosive belts.

Same day ISIS attacks occurred elsewhere in Syria, including in the country's northeast. More of the same is likely ahead, no end of it in prospect. 

AMN News reported that government forces restored control over Rami, Douma, Tima, Matonah and Tarba Kusaib in Syria's southwest, routing ISIS forces from the areas.

Nearby towns were also liberated. Fighting continues. Pockets of ISIS and other terrorists can show up anywhere, including in liberated areas.

On Wednesday, AMN News said government forces liberated what it called "the key town of Saida near the border of" of Israeli occupied Golan.

Separately on Wednesday, Israel warned it's prepared to launch further attacks on Syria - the day after it downed one of its fighter aircraft in its own airspace, falsely claiming it flew cross-border.

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