GHW Bush: Honoring a War Criminal

GHW Bush: Honoring a War Criminal
Stephen Lendman 
Date: 12-05-2018
Subject: Bush Dynasty

GHW Bush: Honoring a War Criminal

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

America honors its worst. Throughout his career as a House member, UN envoy, GOP National Committee chairman, ambassador to China, CIA director, vice president and president, GHW Bush was an unapologetic imperial spear carrier.

He supported all US wars of aggression and launched his own - against nations threatening no one. His actions showed profound indifference to rule of law principles and human suffering.

Countless millions were grievously harmed by an agenda he backed and led as president. Major media shamefully praised what demands condemnation and accountability, even posthumously.

Praising "his leadership and choices on the global stage," the NYT claimed "historians will almost certainly treat him more kindly than the voters did in 1992" - establishment ones only, not honorable truth-tellers.

A Jeb Bush/James Baker op-ed shamefully said they "never met a man as remarkable as George HW Bush" - a profound perversion of truth.

Wall Street Journal editors praised his war on Iraq, ignoring his naked aggression and genocidal sanctions, the latter responsible for the deaths of around 5,000 Iraqi children under age-five monthly while in force.

He was involved in Washington's Contra war in Nicaragua. It followed the Sandinista National Liberation Front's (FSLN) overthrow of US-supported tyrannical Anastasio Somoza's fascist regime.

As president, he ordered the invasion of Panama on December 20, 1989, aiming to prove his toughness against a defenseless nation no match against America's military might.

Manuel Noriega was Washington's man in Panama from December 1983 until yearend 1989, a valued CIA asset until forgetting who's boss.

No longer being convenient stooge enough for his imperial master led to his downfall.

Bush's machismo and imperial arrogance bore full responsibility for thousands of Panamanian civilian deaths and injuries, many more thousands displaced.

Residential neighborhoods were destroyed in poorest parts of the country, including by incendiary devices used to torch structures.

Tanks crushed victims. Panamanian defense force members, civilians, journalists, and others were executed in cold blood.

Bush proved his cajones by mass slaughter and destruction. In the aftermath, he shamefully said it was "worth it" - smashing nations a US specialty before and after the rape of Panama.

William Blum earlier called (fantasy) "democracy" America's deadliest export. Its agenda makes the world safe for Wall Street and other corporate favorites at the expense of ordinary people everywhere.

Commenting on carnage in Panama, Blum said "(t)he invasion and ensuing occupation produced gruesome scenes: People burning to death in the incinerated dwellings, leaping from windows, running in panic through the streets, cut down in cross fire, crushed by tanks, human fragments everywhere."

Accountability never follows the highest of US high crimes, victims blamed for US wrongdoing every time.

Most Americans know nothing about the so-called 1989 Christmas invasion, why it was launched, the devastation caused, or human toll.

Raping Panama, deposing and arresting Noriega, along with Bush's Gulf War walkover of Iraq let him crow that "we've kicked the Vietnam syndrome once and for all."

Horrendous Nuremberg-level crimes don't matter. Noriega fell out of favor for not cooperating with Washington's contra war on Nicaragua. 

Media hysteria vilified him, citing things that didn't matter when he was Washington's man in Panama. 

When no longer wanted, his fate was sealed, how Washington treats other foreign leaders no longer useful, notably Saddam Hussein.

The January 1991 Gulf War followed imposition of sanctions in August 1990. Enforced for over a dozen years, they were genocidal. A Kuwait-funded PR campaign whipped up public support for naked aggression - ending on February 28.

US forces committed high crimes of war and against humanity, including mass slaughter and destruction of essential to life facilities.

Terror-bombing blasted power plants, dams, water purification facilities, sewage treatment and disposal systems, telephone and other communications, hospitals, schools, residential areas, mosques, irrigation sites, food processing, storage and distribution facilities, hotels and retail establishments.

Transportation infrastructure, oil wells, pipelines, refineries and storage tanks, chemical plants, factories and other commercial operation, civilian shelters, government buildings, and historical sites were also destroyed.

The Panama and Gulf War were two of history's great crimes. In Iraq, virtually everything needed for normal life was destroyed or heavily damaged.

Genocidal sanctions killed up to two millions Iraqis, two-thirds of them children under age-five. Bush II's 2003 "shock and awe" blitzkrieg through 2007 took up to 2.0 million more lives, mostly young children.

Two imperial wars of aggression and genocidal sanctions destroyed the cradle of civilization. War and related violence in Iraq continues to this day, the nation occupied as a US colony.

Bush I's new world order agenda, continued by his successors, including Bush II, features endless wars of aggression, state terror on a global scale, along with growing homeland tyranny, heading toward becoming full-blown.

A special place in hell awaits GHW Bush, Bush II when he passes, and all other US war criminals. 

They include everyone supporting Washington's imperial agenda, including congressional  members authorizing funds without which wars can't be waged.

An earlier article said the Bush I, II, and entire family dynasty speaks for itself - a crime family for over a century.

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