US Proxies Clash with Venezuelan Security Forces

US Proxies Clash with Venezuelan Security Forces
Stephen Lendman 
Date: 02-24-2019
Subject: Venezuela

US Proxies Clash with Venezuelan Security Forces

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

A showdown along Venezuela's borders with Colombia and Brazil began, violence initiated by US proxies.

What's going on was orchestrated by dark forces in Washington, CIA dirty hands surely involved, initiating violence to generate a security force response to blame on Maduro.

He vowed to block Trump regime Trojan horse "humanitarian aid," Venezuelan soldiers and police deployed along the country's land and sea borders, defending its security against US hostility by proxies or directly.

On Saturday morning, soldiers reportedly fired tear gas against provocateurs along the border with Colombia.

Fake news reports claimed soldiers stormed border area homes and shot people. They're protecting border areas, responding as needed to anti-government violence instigated by US proxies.

Senior Maduro ruling party official, former National Assembly Speaker Diosdado Cabello called elements instigating clashes with security forces "violent groups" - directed by anti-government dark forces, headquartered in Washington.

Vice President Delcy Rodriguez announced the border closure with Colombia, tweeting:

"Due to the serious and illegal threats attempted by the Government of Colombia against peace and sovereignty in Venezuela, (Maduro) has taken the decision of a total, temporary closure of all bridges that unite both countries in Tachira" state.

Asked about reported deaths of anti-government elements on Friday, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said government forces never use disproportionate force against the nation's people, adding "(o)ur  armed forces are known for their humanism."

Throughout the Bolivarian Republic's history since February 1999, soldiers, police and other security forces haven't acted violently against the Venezuelan people. They respond as needed when hostile elements initiate violence, chaos, and commit vandalism.

On Saturday, usurper in waiting Guaido lied, claiming so-called Trump regime "humanitarian aid" entered Venezuela cross-border from Colombia.

Eyewitnesses said trucks carrying "aid" haven't passed through border area security points in the country. They're blocked and prevented from proceeding.

At the UN in New York, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza briefed Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, saying:

"We brought him up to speed (on) the…propaganda machinery on the way (to) our borders, and this is in violation of international law without the authorization of the United Nations and without even the authorization of the International Red Cross," adding:

"We see theoretically humanitarian assistance being forced into Venezuela without compliance with the most elemental principles required to do so. The Secretary General is watching this closely."

Arreaza blamed violence along border areas on Washington, calling it part of the Trump regime's "script," adding reports of Venezuelan security forces firing on civilians are false.

The military has strict order to respond as necessary only when hostile elements initiate violence and other actions, threatening Venezuelan civilians, government forces, and/or national security.

Asked about reported Friday deaths and injuries, he said "(y)our question is full of venom. (It) is poisonous. It is in no way related to the versions (of events) that I have had."

"Members of the Venezuelan military…will never have orders to fire on the civilian population. They are there to defend Venezuelan territory from any armed attack against our country."

Separately, Russian UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia said the Security Council should react "immediately" to violent border incidents, briefed accurately on what's gone on.

Maduro called US Trojan horse aid a pretext for invasion, part of its regime change plot, borders closed and heavily guarded to protect Venezuelans and national security against US hostility.

The situation is fluid and fast-moving, more updates to follow. Border area footage showed anti-government elements hurling rocks at soldiers and police, setting tire ablaze, along with efforts to breach barriers between Venezuela and bordering states.

Security forces are using tear gas against violent US proxies. Saturday is day one of what's likely to worsen ahead before hopefully improving.

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