NYT Propaganda War on Venezuela

NYT Propaganda War on Venezuela
Stephen Lendman 
Date: 10-29-2019
Subject: Venezuela

NYT Propaganda War on Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Since Hugo Chavez established Venezuela's social democracy in February 1999, the hemisphere's best, the Clintons, Bush/Cheney, Obama and Trump targeted the country for regime change — notably wanting control over its world's largest oil reserves.

Establishment media operate as imperial press agents, vilifying independent governments the US targets for regime change.

Throughout Chavez's tenure and now Nicolas Maduro's, both leaders democratically elected and reelected, the NYT has been a leading advocate for replacing Bolivarianism with US-controlled puppet rule.

For over 20 years, the self-styled newspaper of record waged all-out propaganda war on the country, suppressing hard truths about its model social democracy, wanting it transformed into a US vassal state, its resources plundered by Big Oil and other corporate predators, its people exploited as serfs.

In October alone, the Times blasted Venezuela with a tirade of bald-faced Big Lies. Praising warmongering extremist John Bolton for going all-out to topple Maduro, the broadsheet falsely called model democrat Maduro a "dictator."

It slammed him for accepting help from Russia, supporting the country's sovereignty and international law the US breaches time and again.

The Times raged against the notion of "promot(ing) a peaceful solution to the Venezuelan crisis without foreign interference" — failing to explain it was made in the USA, a flagrant international law violation.

The same goes for waging economic terrorism on the country and its people — because its legitimate government refuses to subordinate its sovereign rights to US interests.

The Times turned truth on its head, falsely accusing Maduro of "the most egregious human rights abuses" — what applies to US war on the country by other means, unmentioned by the self-styled newspaper of record.

It falsely blamed Maduro for "pull(ing) out of talks with the opposition" — undermined by Trump regime hardliners, controlling its puppet/usurper in waiting Guaido, a traitor Venezuelan authorities should have arrested, detained, and prosecuted for betraying his country months ago.

The Times shamefully called for tougher US sanctions, ignoring their illegality. It lied saying "Venezuela poses a real threat to regional peace and security…" 

Polar opposite is true — the US and its imperial partners threatening everyone everywhere, a cold hard reality never explained by the Times or other establishment media.

The Times lying machine raged against Venezuela's election to the UN Human Rights Council — one of few countries warranting membership. None allied with Washington's killing machine deserve it, clearly not the US, the world's leading human rights abuser globally.

In cahoots with its corporate donors and Washington, Human Rights Watch is part of the anti-Bolivarian smear campaign.

Turning truth on its head about the country, HRW features bald-faced Big Lies, operating as an imperial tool, opposing principles it falsely claims to support.

The Times quoted the organization's unacceptable remark following Venezuela's election to the Human Rights Council, shamefully saying it's "a slap in the face to the country's countless victims."

The above comment is "a slap in the face" to truth and full disclosure HRW long ago abandoned.

The Times falsely accused Maduro's government of "withholding from the public humanitarian aid from other nations and of manipulating voters in exchange for food and medical care" — bald-faced Big Lies.

In early 2016, Maduro initiated the Local Provision and Production Committees (CLAPs) program.

It distributes subsidized food to around six million Venezuelan families, around two-thirds of the population, part of the nation's participatory social democracy.

From inception with Obama and now Trump, the US falsely claimed the program is used as a political weapon against opposition interests.

It's nothing of the sort, all Venezuelans in need able to receive aid regardless of their political affiliations.

The CLAP program is administered by neighborhood committees connected to communal councils, social organizations operating nationwide, including community, environmental and feminist groups, others involved in cultural, education and various other activities.

Their common theme is defending Bolivarian social democracy they want preserved and protected, notably serving the rights and welfare of all Venezuelans as constitutionally mandated.

Neither the Times or other establishment media reported accurately on the program — just the opposite.

In response to Venezuela's election to the Human Rights Council, Trump's UN envoy Kelly Craft, wife of billionaire coal-mining tycoon/major GOP donor Joseph Craft, shamed herself like many times before in her post, saying:

"I am personally aggrieved that 105 countries voted in favor of this affront to human life and dignity (sic). It provides ironclad proof that the Human Rights Council is broken (sic)."

Over the weekend, the Times claimed without evidence that Venezuela's water system has "dangerous levels of bacteria…making diarrhea and vomiting a regular occurrence."

What's vital to explain, the self-styled newspaper of record ignores — over 20 years of US efforts to replace the hemisphere's model democracy with pro-Western fascist tyranny.

The Trump regime escalated what its predecessors began, waging all-out economic terrorism on Venezuela, aiming to crush its economy and suffocate its people — flagrant violations of international law the Times supports and cheerleads.

It falsely blames its ruling authorities for US high crimes against the country — sharing guilt for operating as an imperial press agent hostile to what just societies cherish.

Note: If all nations were governed like Venezuela, world peace would replace endless wars of aggression — social justice triumphing over corporate predation. 

Its support for these principles is why the US wants its government toppled — along with wanting to plunder its oil riches and other resources.

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