Pompeo-Style Iran Bashing

Pompeo-Style Iran Bashing
Stephen Lendman 
Date: 11-27-2019
Subject: Iran

Pompeo-Style Iran Bashing

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Headed by Pompeo at State, Trump's geopolitical team is infested with anti-populists, neocon hardliners, war-mongering extremists, and serial liars — figures exhibiting dissocial personality disorders, seeking power over others they seek to dominate.

Their actions show callous unconcern for the rights and welfare of others, the rule of law discarded in pursuit of their aims. Pathological lying defines their public remarks.

Trump is the nation's liar-in-chief. His undiplomatic chief diplomat Pompeo with 2024 presidential ambitions matches his deceitfulness and threat to world peace and stability.

On issues relating to Iran, his remarks defy reality.

Turning truth on its head Tuesday, he once again falsely called the Islamic Republic "the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism" — the dubious distinction applying to the US, NATO and Israel, partners in high crimes of war, against humanity, and other hostile actions against peace, stability, and the rule of law.

US dirty hands were all over days of violence and vandalism in Iran earlier this month, now quelled — the latest CIA attempt to destabilize the country.

Pompeo: "The Iranian people (were in) the streets because of…poor economic management…(I)nstead of addressing their grievances, Tehran has responded with violence and by blaming those outside of the country."

Fact: Ruling authorities in Iran respect the legitimate right of nonviolent protests.

Fact: CIA-recruited hooligans, including anti-government Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) terrorists and other saboteurs, raged against Iranian sovereign independence and the rule of law.

Fact: Trump regime economic terrorism on Iran continues unabated, flagrantly violating the UN Charter and other international laws.

Fact: Time and again, the US falsely blames nations victimized by US wars and other hostile actions for high crimes committed against them.

Pompeo: "We will continue to sanction Iranian officials who are responsible for human rights abuses" — committed by the US against Iran's economy and people, not Tehran.

Pompeo: Iran "continues to export cruelty outside its own borders."

Fact: The Islamic Republic never attacked another country, what the US and its imperial partners do repeatedly.

Fact: Iran is the region's leading peace and stability proponent — the US, NATO and Israel its mortal enemies.

Fact: Iran threatens no other nations — except in self-defense if attacked, its fundamental right under international law.

Fact: The US and its imperial partners are humanity's greatest threat.

Pompeo turned truth on its head, claiming that the US "stand(s) with" the Iranian people "for a brighter future…"

Fact: For the past 40 years, the US under Republicans and undemocratic Dems sought to replace Iranian sovereign independence with pro-Western puppet rule.

Fact: The US wants Israel's main regional rival eliminated. It wants control over Iran's vast oil and gas resources, its people terrorized into submission, ruthlessly exploited as serfs.

Commenting on Pompeo's Tuesday Big Lies about Iran, the NYT lied claiming "Iranians blame their government for the country's economic travails."

On Monday, tens of thousands of Iranians turned out in Tehran and elsewhere, supporting their leadership and expressing anger against rioters responsible for days of destructive violence in the country.

On Tuesday, Iran's Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli explained extensive damage to public and private property, Press TV reporting the following from his remarks:

"(O)ver 50 military bases had been targeted during the violence, while 34 ambulances, 731 banks, 140 government sites, 70 gas stations, nine religious centers, 307 private vehicles, 183 military vehicles and 1,076 private motorbikes were attacked and torched."

Scores of "ringleaders and masterminds" were arrested, among them members of the infamous US-funded MEK terrorist group.

On Tuesday, Tehran's police commander Mohsen Khancherli said "six main elements" behind days of violence were identified and arrested.

Pompeo falsely blamed Iranian authorities for violence and vandalism committed by CIA recruited hooligans.

Instead of debunking his Big Lie, the Times repeated it.

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