NYT Propaganda War on Venezuelan Social Democracy

NYT Propaganda War on Venezuelan Social Democracy
Stephen Lendman 
Date: 12-02-2019
Subject: Venezuela

NYT Propaganda War on Venezuelan Social Democracy

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

The NYT operates as a virtual press agent for US dark forces — supporting their rage for global dominance by smashing other nations and immiserating their people.

The broadsheet deplores peace, equity and justice, supporting policies hostile to these principles by the US, NATO, Israel, and their imperial partners.

Since Hugo Chavez established Venezuela's social democracy in February 1999, the hemisphere's best, the Times has been a leading advocate for replacing it with US-controlled puppet rule.

It continues waging all-out propaganda war on the country, suppressing hard truths about its governance of, by, and for everyone equitably.

Proliferating a litany of bald-faced Big Lies, its latest propaganda piece falsely called Venezuela "a kleptocracy ruled incompetently by thugs who are turning a prosperous oil-exporting nation into a failed state sliding toward starvation (sic)."

Fact: Venezuelan social democracy is polar opposite America's deplorable state, a fantasy democracy, one-party rule with two right wings, an increasingly totalitarian plutocracy, oligarchy and kleptocracy, serving privileged interests exclusively, exploiting ordinary people at home and abroad, waging endless wars on humanity.

Venezuelans are hard-pressed to get by because of US economic terrorism, the same diabolical scheme used against Iran, North Korea, and other nations unwilling to surrender their sovereign rights to US interests.

Venezuelans aren't "starving" as the Times falsely claimed. 

The country's Local Provision and Production Committees (CLAP) program distributes subsidized food to around six million families in need, around two-thirds of the population, part of the nation's participatory social democracy.

The program is administered by neighborhood committees connected to communal councils, social organizations operating nationwide, including community, environmental and feminist groups, others involved in cultural, education and various other activities.

In late August, food sovereignty activist Christina Schiavoni discussed how Trump regime economic war on Venezuela affects the availability of food.

It obstructs food imports and targets the CLAP program, falsely calling it a money-laundering operation, diverting billions of dollars to Venezuelan officials and private contractors, a bald-faced Big Lie.

Trump regime hardliners want Venezuelans starved into submission, illegal sanctions imposed on 10 individuals and 13 entities connected to the CLAP program, falsely accusing them of receiving overvalued government contracts in exchange for kickbacks to Bolivarian officials.

Schiavoni: "Over the years, I've had the privilege of witnessing a wide variety of (food sovereignty) initiatives…"

"(I)n Venezuela they have been facilitated by a supportive policy framework affirming the right to food for all people through a strengthened domestic food supply."

Popular "resistance on the ground in" the country strongly counters Trump regime economic terrorism.

Plan Pueblo a Pueblo is one initiative, "bridging the urban-rural divide by linking small-scale farmers in Venezuela's countryside with organized urban communities, reaching tens of thousands of families with affordable fresh produce."

Venezuelans are struggling but not starving. "(T)he Bolivarian Revolution is laden with examples of communities organizing to take control of their own destiny, especially in times of crisis…"

"End the sanctions! Stop the weaponization of food! Food sovereignty now," Schiavoni stressed. 

Venezuelans continue going all-out to fight back against US state terror, the world community doing nothing to challenge it. Exceptions like Russia prove the rule

Fascist hardliners infesting Congress, the White House, and establishment media like the Times blame victims of US viciousness for high crimes committed against them.

The Times is a lying machine, a propaganda machine. It falsely called social democracy under Nicolas Maduro "brutal…primarily responsible for the suffering" of its people — a bald-faced Big Lie, adding:

"Venezuela may now be sliding toward collapse and mass starvation" — more bald-faced Big Lies.

The self-styled newspaper of record falsely called policies under Maduro "unconscionable (sic)."

It lied claiming "(h)e buys the loyalty of military officials with money or resources that could go for medicine (sic)."

"He refuses to accept some foreign aid (sic), and he bars entry by important international humanitarian organizations (sic)."

The Times openly calls for regime change, wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing the country's sovereign independence — supporting fascist tyranny over social democracy, a notion it abhors at home and abroad.

It backs US-designated puppet, usurper in waiting Guaido, calling governance under democratically elected and re-elected Maduro a "dictatorship."

The Times supports what demands denunciation. If the US was governed like Venezuela, plowshares would replace swords.

Elections would be open, free and fair. Governments would serve all Americans equitably, not just its privileged few, the way its ruling class operates now.

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