Pompeo's Rage Against Peace, Equity, Justice, and the Rule of Law
Stephen Lendman 
Date: 06-02-2020
Subject: United States

Pompeo's Rage Against Peace, Equity, Justice, and the Rule of Law

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Pompeo combines psychopathological derangement with pure evil, a deadly combination.

It matters because of the position he holds, impersonating the lead US diplomat along with having Trump's ear by sucking up to him no matter how outrageous his actions.

In press releases or public comments, the danger Pompeo poses is evident to everyone paying attention.

The man never met a nation not controlled by the US he didn't want smashed, its resources stolen, its people enslaved.

His notions of peace, equity, justice, and democratic freedoms are none at all.

He has delusions of grandeur, seeking absolute power over the nation and others by succeeding Trump as president.

With him in the nation's highest office, odds for destroying planet earth and all its life forms would rise exponentially — a madman with his finger on the nuclear trigger, likely eager to squeeze it.

He exhibits callous unconcern for others, is a pathological liar, has no sense of shame or guilt, is militantly coldhearted to the core, and seeks power to control other nations by brute force and/or other hostile actions.

He's part of the criminal class infesting Washington, many among them reckless sociopaths or psychopaths, posing an unprecedented danger to the nation, its people, and world community.

China's Foreign Ministry slammed him, justifiably calling him an "enemy of world peace," along with accusing him of "insane and evasive remarks" about COVID-19's origin that wasn't in Wuhan. 

No evidence suggests what likely originated at a US biolab, exported to China and elsewhere.

Pompeo single-handedly sabotaged US/North Korea talks. Pyongyang called him "reckless."

There never was a chance for rapprochement. What didn't happen under his predecessors since Harry Truman, was always impossible by the criminal gang running the Trump regime.

Pompeo's out-of-control rage and reinvented reality has virtually no limits.

Sunday on Fox News, he exploded again like always before on air, willfully and maliciously deceiving viewers foolishly wasting time listening to his militantly hostile rants.

On the issue of ongoing nationwide protests, he showed indifference toward long-suffering Black Americans, unconcern about helping millions of Americans without work because of the made-in-the-USA public health and economic collapse crisis.

He lied about China like about all nations he wants transformed into US vassal states — falsely accusing Beijing of seeking "the destruction of Western ideas, Western democracies, Western values."

No "Western democracies" exist. US-led "Western values" are all about seeking dominance over planet earth, its resources, and populations by brute force.

"Western ideas" are hugely destructive to what just societies cherish.

There's no end to the litany of bald-faced Big Lies by Pompeo during rants.

They come so fast and furiously it's clear that he's no longer able to distinguish between truth and fiction.

It's clear when he's lying by not supplying evidence to back his claim — because none exists.

He lied accusing China of "stealing American intellectual property."

He lied accusing Beijing of "destroying hundreds and  millions of jobs here in the United States."

He lied claiming China "put(s) at risk sea lanes in the South China Sea." 

They belong to the Chinese state and its people, along with other Asian nations in their territorial waters, not the US, operating in parts of the world where it doesn't belong — its presence hostile to world peace and stability, notions it abhors.

Claiming Trump "is prepared to push back against" China risks direct confrontation between two nuclear powers able to strike each other's territory with overwhelming force.

Pompeo lied calling China "aggressive" — how the US and its imperial partners in high crimes operate, not Beijing.

He lied accusing Beijing of breaking its agreement with Britain over ending its colonial rule, established by stealing another country's territory.

He lied about an alleged threat posed by Chinese students in the US that doesn't exist.

He lied claiming Beijing destroyed Hong Kong's freedom, something Britain prohibited, city residents much freer since China regained control of its own territory under a one country, two systems arrangement.

He lied accusing the PLC of threatening the US.

China is at peace with its neighbors and other countries worldwide — in sharp contrast to Washington's war on humanity, a policy Pompeo cheerleads, ignoring the rule of law and the unprecedented human toll from US wars of aggression against invented enemies.

All sorts of hostile to China measures were introduced in Congress, some adopted, others highly likely to follow.

The more anti-China actions taken by the US, notably based on Big Lies, the greater the risk of rupturing relations altogether — heightening the risk of direct confrontation, initiated by Washington if it happens.

Pompeo's venom is wide-ranging. 

Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, Russia, and other sovereign states are on his target list for waging wars of words against that could escalate to something much more serious.

The unthinkable is possible because of fanatical lunatics like him in Washington.

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