Frosty Wooldridge
Turn Chaos Into Reasoned Action To Preserve America  

Anarchy against the most reasoned and rational U.S. Constitution cannot continue if hope to remain a free and functioning society.

Everyone knows who destroyed Detroit, Michigan.  The actions of those riotous Detroiters completely decimated the Motor City.  Their lawlessness, shoplifting in mass, car jackings at stoplights, burglaries, rapes, 79 percent dropout rates from high schools, illiteracy, murders and graffiti on every car, building and sign—caused 1.2 million responsible European-American citizens to flee Detroit in the 1980's and 1990's—to leave it in lawless shambles.  How do I know?  I worked in Detroit, before I too, fled the violence.  

If mayors and governors continue allowing anarchists of any color to continue to destroy our heritage, our stores, our malls and our statues—it's very possible to turn our major cities into replications of Detroit, Michigan.  Without functioning police departments, the barbarians at the door will simply become the barbarians in your house or church or synagogue or other place of worship.  Those barbarians won't grow or bring you food, or pay your rent, or take your kids to school.  They do nothing for the public good or the "Social Contract" of our society.

Already, huge businesses like Walmart, Kohl's and Target threaten to vacate Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta and other riot-torn cities.

If you lose the cohesion of jobs, communities and civil responsibilities to Black Lives Matter and Antifa anarchists---you are left with lawlessness. 

Instead of allowing their insanity in Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland and other big cities, what's left of the police departments and National Guard need to track down those anarchists, arrest them, prosecute them and throw them in prison to help them understand that this is the most viable, fair and reasoned society in the world.  America gives more people of every color and faith, more opportunities than all other countries combined.  America features incredible welfare systems to feed and house our children, feed our citizens, give medical care and ensure domestic tranquility via police departments across the country.  Without the rule of law, we become another Somalia, Congo or Sudan.

Do you see anyone immigrating to those countries?

It's time for Americans who respect our past, respect our Constitution and respect our country—to stand up, speak out and support our police departments and the rule of law.

If not, we will certainly repeat Detroit, Michigan's fate across the country.  It will not be a pretty ending for anyone.