Lawsuit Filed on Vaccines as national security issue
Lawsuit Filed on Vaccines as national security issue

Lawsuit Filed on Vaccines as national security issue
James Grundvig 
Date: 01-01-2021
Subject: Lawsuits

Below is the lawsuit on "Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated" Control Group filed by attorney Greg Glaser, from Physicians for Informed Consent. The website has a ton of information (lawsuit, profiles, appendices, and exhibits). I was recruited and tasked to research and write the section on China and foreign vaccine supply chains as a national security threat to the United States. Unlike most lawsuits, this one bypasses the courts and was filed directly to POTUS with a DOJ Federal Court hearing on February 22, 2021. The client found a loophole in the US Constitution that allowed this case to bypass the pharma protectionist 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

All Court filing information can be found here:


There's a White House petition to sign here:


Here is the section I worked on Foreign/China's vaccine supply chain risk:

1. Profile


2.  Appendix Three - Foreign Supply Chain Risk


3. Exhibits


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Press Release:

On George Washington's birthday (2/22), Ray Flores and Greg Glaser will be in Federal Court requesting an order immediately protecting all Americans from discrimination based on vaccination status.


New Court Documents filed December 2020 (https://informedconsentdefense.orgprove that unvaccinated Americans enjoy exponentially better health than vaccinated Americans. Specifically, 1,248% better health for unvaccinated adults, and 1,099% better health for unvaccinated children.

Constitutional litigators Greg Glaser and Ray Flores are requesting the Federal Court (https://informedconsentdefense.files.wordpress.com/2020/12/4-2.pdfissue an order immediately protecting all Americans from discrimination based on vaccination status.

These litigators maintain that control groups are necessary to the scientific method, and the Court's job is to preserve this particular vital evidence necessary to rescue our Nation from the current trajectory of chronic illness.

Sign the White House petition (https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/approve-national-informed-consent-exemption-vaccinationtoday to show your support for this evidence.

This is not a small case. The litigators have utilized the tool of judicial notice to compile thousands of pages of top scientific evidence supporting the known fact that vaccines are dangerous. They accomplished this feat through a tool called Request for Judicial Notice, which requires the Court to accept certain statements made by government officials and other authoritative sources.

Some evidence highlights from the case:

National data of vaccinated children show approximately 54% of children have a chronic health condition. But in The Control Group of unvaccinated children, the number is only 6%. 

That means vaccination causes an 800% increased risk of chronic illness in children. And this has now been proven with a 99% confidence interval.  Moreover, this pattern is repeated over and over and over in The Control Group data with 99% confidence: diabetes (0% in the unvaccinated Control Group v. 10% in the vaccinated), digestive disorders (0.4% in the unvaccinated v. 18% in the vaccinated), ADHD (0.47% in the unvaccinated v. 9.4% in the vaccinated).

The Control Group provides numerical proof that vaccines are causing chronic illness. 

For example, the p-value (probability or odds) that the excess health conditions seen in the vaccinated population under the age of 18 are not due to vaccine exposure is 1 in 84,721,527,559,728,800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,


The calculated Pearson correlation coefficient shows a "very high correlation" between the increase in the CDC vaccine schedule and the increase in these chronic illnesses. This is another numerical proof showing vaccines are causing chronic illness     

America is suffering an epidemic of chronic illness caused by vaccination. The Nation will collapse on the current trajectory of vaccination.

Vaccination is unavoidably unsafe.  It is a form of experimental biological alteration of the human immune system.

Improved living conditions (not vaccination) is responsible for historical improvement of public health.

See all the evidence at the Control Group Website.