Washington's Timeline for America's Great Reset (Publisher Recommended)

Washington's Timeline for America's Great Reset (Publisher Recommended)
Donna Hancock 
Date: 02-02-2021
Subject: Police State

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This has happened before. Let's see how close the previous timeline is followed. A New Position of 'Truth Czar' coming... AND Jeff Besos just resigned from Amazon

This "Build Back Better Plan" is the true verbatim story of the Great Reset: 

March – Troops stationed around capitol after staged (fake) emergency.   

March 3 – former opposition presidential candidate arrested; banking crisis closed local banks;

March 4 – neighboring country's parliament suspended, prime minister used opportunity to rule by decree; 

March 5 – emergency powers granted to president; 

March 6 – national bank "holiday"; 

March 9 – federal troops overthrow state government in the most conservative state on grounds the governor can no longer restore order; 

March 11 – national office for official coordination of news and information established; 

March 13 – state governor appoints himself senator, confirmed by new governor; 

March 14 – bank reset; all banks re-open; 

March 15 – head of new national information office states any non-official news sources endanger national security;

March 17 – czar of the Build Back Better economic program announced; 

March 18 – individual travel suspended without government papers and permission;

March 21 – formal transition to new government model announced; 

March 22 – populist congressmen told they would be protected if they vote to give plenary powers to the federal executive;

March 23 – congress votes to give plenary powers to the federal executive, opposition voters immediately arrested by troops present in capitol. 

March 24 – national information office states that harassment of former opposition supporters is false (even though its true); 

March 28 – national economic boycott called for against all former political opposition;

March 29 – edict for execution of former political opponents on declared list of offenses, determined by federal executive decree. 

March 30 – judges from opposition party purged from courts; 

March 31 – power over state governments assumed by federal government, no opposition due to new terror laws in place.  

Great Reset complete.

Students of history may recognize this as the day by day history of March, 1933, Germany.


Timeline progressing right on track. 

National information office czar to be appointed by Biden (see march 15th)

Also National Guard to remain in D.C. through March.

Florida being set up to be state taken over by Feds (see march 9). 

Wallstreetbets rebellion setting up bank holiday (see march 6)

The national information office czar ( new york times calls it the "reality czar") will likely be Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos to resign as chief executive of Amazon