Biden's Choice: Lift Unlawful Sanctions on Iran or the JCPOA Dissolves
Stephen Lendman 
Date: 02-15-2021
Subject: Iran

Biden's Choice: Lift Unlawful Sanctions on Iran or the JCPOA Dissolves

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

As things now stand, there's no in between.

Iran no longer will tolerate illegally imposed US sanctions.

Nor will it abide by its JCPOA obligations if the US and E3 countries remain in noncompliance.

Agreements are binding on all parties, especially ones affirmed by Security Council members — making them binding international law.

On Sunday, head of Iran's Parliamentary Research Center Alireza Zakani said Iran will abandon the Additional Protocol on January 21 that lets IAEA monitors make unannounced visits to its facilities if the US and E3 countries remain noncompliant with their JCPOA obligations.

Tehran will also decrease the number of IAEA monitors ahead of halting their inspections altogether if the unacceptable status quo remains unchanged. 

The JCPOA will dissolve if only Iran, Russia and China are in compliance with its provisions.

Because E3 countries walked away from their commitments after Trump unlawfully abandoned the agreement in May 2018, the landmark agreement is no longer binding on Iran, Russia and China.

On Friday, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Abbas Araqchi stressed the following:

"The US must remove the sanctions in full, not in words or on paper, but in practice."

"We will verify that, and whenever we feel the sanctions are lifted in a proper manner, we will, for our part, return to our commitments."

Public remarks and actions by Biden and hardliners surrounding him strongly indicate that the new regime is like its predecessor on Iran and overall geopolitical agenda that includes US war on humanity at home and abroad.

The landmark JCPOA nuclear deal hangs in the balance. Chances of saving it are slim at best.

Biden won't budge on fulfilling his obligations. If his position remains firm — what's most likely — the JCPOA will no longer exist.

Years of Iranian good faith diplomacy will be for naught.

The US will bear full responsibility for killing the landmark agreement.

It never was serious about complying with its obligations in the first place.

It's clear from unacceptable actions by Obama/Biden, Trump and Biden/Harris.

The lesson for Iran and other nations free from US control is clear.

Diplomatic outreach to its ruling authorities on all issues is an exercise in futility, a waste of time and energy.

Betrayal virtually always happens sooner or later.

Under both right wings of its war party, the US is an enemy of freedom loving people everywhere.

Recognizing and dealing with the menace it represents by preparing to respond to its unlawful behavior is the only acceptable option.

The same goes for its imperial partners.

They're enemies of peace, equity, justice, the rule of law, and normal relations with independent countries.

Allying with its allies alone makes sense for Iran.

It accomplishes nothing by urging Biden regime hardliners to comply with their obligations.

Good faith Iranian outreach goes in one ear and out the other — the same true for all nations free from US control.

A state of undeclared US war by hot and/or other means exists on nations unwilling to bow to its hegemonic demands.

Nothing remotely suggests that dominant hardliners in Washington will change their wicked ways.

Self-defense is the only option. Nothing else ever worked before throughout the post-WW II period nor is it likely to work ahead.

Hegemons don't negotiate. They make unacceptable demands.

Going along assures loss of sovereign independence.

Preserving it and the rights of its people, along with productive alliances with other nations, matter most.

Speaker of Iran's parliament Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf's visit with Russian officials in Moscow is part of this agenda by solidifying ties between both countries.

Without elaboration, Qalibaf said he was invited by head of Russia's lower house State Duma to discuss bilateral strategic issues.

Qalibaf's aide Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said the visit "sen(t) a message to the Islamic Republic's regional allies that Iran will no longer waste time waiting for the game of the White House's new people or the three European signatories to the JCPOA."

They're going their own way in pursuit of preserving and protecting their sovereign rights and interests, Amir-Abdollahian adding:

"Any decision in the White House will not change the Islamic Republic's approach to maintaining, strengthening, developing and consolidating Tehran's strategic relations with Moscow and Beijing, and (its) strategic and longterm view of Asia as an important player in the last century" and ahead.

Whatever Biden regime hardliners do or don't do will not divert Iran from pursuing its own strategic aims.

They include preparing to counter US/NATO/Israeli aggression if launched and strengthening ties with Russia, China, and other strategic allies.

The window is closing on the US and West for refusing to engage with Iran according to the rule of law.

Amir-Abdollahian put it this way, saying:

"Time for America and Europe is not going to be over. It is over."

Asia is the emerging power center, the US fading as the dominant power.

"There is no doubt that the 21st century is the century of Asia," Amir-Abdollahian stressed.

While the window remains open short-term for Biden to engage with Iran in good faith, it's fast closing on a regime that showed hostility alone in where it stands on Iran, Russia, and other nations free from its control.

As long as this position remains unchanged — what's most likely — an East/West break may follow.

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