Biden Regime and Press Agent Media Hostile to Pre-Covid Normality

Biden Regime and Press Agent Media Hostile to Pre-Covid Normality
Stephen Lendman 
Date: 03-06-2021
Subject: United States

Biden Regime and Press Agent Media Hostile to Pre-Covid Normality

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

After seasonal flu was renamed covid last year — as part of the greatest ever harmful to public health scam — normal life in the US and West ended.

Hardliners in these countries want what's harmful to most people kept unchanged.

They oppose normality as existed pre-2020.

What's gone on for the past year caused infinitely more harm to more people than any combination of major diseases, greater harm than any wars post-WW II.

Lockdowns, quarantines, face masks, PCR tests, social distancing, pushing hazardous drugs, and emerging passports for mass-jabbed individuals have nothing to do with protecting and preserving public health.

They're draconian policies instituted for social control, for eliminating fundamental freedoms, for harming public health and well-being.

In the US, 16 states began easing unacceptable policies instituted last year, notably mandated face masks that don't protect and risk harm to health from longterm use.

Other steps taken are partially restoring normality that are far short of what's needed.

Texas opened 100% — short of restoring normal life entirely.

Alaska encourages mask-wearing but doesn't require it.

In Arizona, they're required for employees and customers of barbers and cosmetologists. 

For most other state residents, they're recommended alone.

In most parts of Florida, masks are recommended, not required. Much the same applies to Georgia.

Idaho Stay Healthy Guidelines recommend but don't require masks.

Iowa's Governor lifted the state's mask mandate last month.

Last week, Mississippi's governor lifted the state's mask mandate and eased other restrictions.

Missouri recommends masks short of mandating them.

Montana ended the mask-wearing mandate in February.

No mask mandate applies to most Nebraskans.

North Dakota ended an earlier one imposed.

Oklahoma recommends wearing them short of requiring them.

The same policy applies to South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

In all the above states, some cities and towns maintain mask wearing mandates and other draconian restrictions.

Easing of restrictions imposed last year in the above states perhaps will get others to follow.

None of what was imposed should have been instituted in the first place.

They harm public health and contributed to the greatest ever US Main Street Depression in the country's history that's likely to be protracted.

Instead of moving in the same direction as states easing restrictions, Biden called what's going on "Neanderthal thinking…a big mistake (sic)."

What's mandated and recommended by his regime and congressional Dems is responsible for harming countless millions of people.

White House press secretary Psaki lied claiming "(t)his entire country has paid the price for political leaders who ignored the science when it comes to the pandemic (sic)."

If "science" was followed over the past year, no restrictions would have been imposed, no mass-jabbing with what doesn't protect, isn't needed, and risks serious harm to health or death when used as directed.

Pro-draconian restrictions/mass-jabbing supporter CDC director Rochelle Walensky defied reality by falsely claiming that "(n)ow is not the time to release all restrictions (sic)."

Biden and hardliners around him want everyone jabbed with what no one wanting their health protected and preserved should touch.

Huckster, charlatan, profiteer Fauci backs the same destructive policy.

He called moves to end unacceptable restrictions "inexplicable (sic)."

Since early last year, Americans and others in Europe have been lied to and otherwise deceived about virtually everything related to covid — at a devastating cost to human health and well-being.

Media press agents for dark forces and Pharma are complicit with slow-motion genocide that's affecting the elderly in the West, along with enormous harm to most others.

The toll is certain to increase exponentially if what's going on isn't challenged and stopped.

No evidence suggests what's vitally needed is moving in a positive direction, other than some states easing some restrictions — short of entirely eliminating what never should have been imposed.

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