Biden Regime Force Multiplier Foreign Policy

Biden Regime Force Multiplier Foreign Policy
Stephen Lendman 
Date: 03-19-2021
Subject: United States

Biden Regime Force Multiplier Foreign Policy

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

According to the US war department, force multiplier is "(a) capability that, when added to and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment."

Examples of military force multiplication include advanced weaponry, strategy and tactics, training, technology, and mobility, among others.

Ahead of their visit to Japan and South Korea for anti-China talks, followed by meeting with key Chinese foreign policy and security officials in Alaska, a joint op-ed by Biden regime interventionist Blinken and war secretary Austin (B & A below) discussed what they called US "force multipliers (with imperial regional) "partner(s)." 

It's code language for regional war preparations with Indo/Pacific nations — ones that prioritize peace and cooperative relations, not confrontation with China.

According to B & A, the Biden regime seeks to "revitalize" ties with regional nations.

The US enlists support against invented adversaries and enemies by bullying, bribes and threats.

Indo/Pacific nations consider China a valued economic and trade partner.

It's the region's main engine of economic growth.

Regional countries benefit from stimulus provided by China, a nation prioritizing cooperative relations, free from confrontation like the US operates.

B & A called alliances with other nations against adversaries like China "force multipliers. We're able to achieve far more with them than we could without them," adding:

"Our combined power makes us stronger when we must push back against China's aggression and threats (sic)."

"Aggression and threats" reflect longstanding US policy.

China operates by higher standards.

Regional nations benefit greatly from its economic stimulus.

They have nothing to fear from China, a good neighbor, not a belligerent one like the US operates worldwide.

They want normal East/West relations, including ties to the US and China, not allying with one side over the other.

B & A claiming it's up to the US and other democracies (sic) to show the world that we can deliver for our people and for each other" is polar opposite how imperial USA operates.

Perpetual wars by hot and/or other means — at home and abroad — reflect longstanding policy of both right wings of its war party.

They abhor "democratic values," tolerating them nowhere worldwide.

Washington's only threats are invented. No real ones exist.

Ordinary Americans are exploited, not served. 

US imperial aims threaten a free and open Indo/Pacific, notions abhorred by dominant hardliners in Washington — notably interventionist Blinken, war secretary Austin, and other belligerent members of Biden's geopolitical team.

The threat of greater wars than already is real, including by accident or design against Russia and China.

Their unity offers the best chance to prevent the unthinkable at a time when hawks abhorrent of peace and stability are running Washington's imperial agenda.

Biden is an illegitimate figurehead president, selected, not elected.

Given his deteriorated cognitive state, it's unclear if he understands policies pursued in his name.

Decisions are made for, not by, him. Represented by a double in public most often, he's likely only aware of what he's told.

Yet on his watch, escalated US aggression could be launched while he's napping.

The charade goes on, establishment media maintaining it by a conspiracy of silence.

Looking ahead, nothing positive appears likely domestically or abroad.

The worst of times is far more likely than anything by the US ruling class for cooperative relations with other countries over confrontation or to help ordinary Americans instead of harming them.

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