The NYT Cheerleads Biden Regime's Fantasy New Deal
Stephen Lendman 
Date: 04-01-2021
Subject: United States

The NYT Cheerleads Biden Regime's Fantasy New Deal

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Nothing remotely resembling FDR's New Deal, Truman's Fair Deal or LBJ's Great Society in going on or planned by undemocratic Dems and selected, not elected, Biden.

Not according to the NYT. Performing press agent services for the Biden regime, it commented on his impersonator's Wednesday's address.

The know-nothing figure was enlisted to read prepared remarks from a teleprompter without mumbling and bumbling like the real Biden when permitted to make rare public appearances.

Most often, he's kept under wraps for being too cognitively and physically deteriorated to carry out duties of any office.

A fantasy NYT report pretended that the Biden regime intends pouring "$2 trillion in federal investment in…concrete, electric car chargers, artificial intelligence and social engineering."

Nothing of the sort is planned, no funds for the above that only Congress can appropriate.

The Times pretended that illegitimate/hollow president Biden intends operating like FDR and LBJ "to reshape the American economy."

Left unexplained is that both right wings of the one-party state serves privileged interests exclusively,  exploiting most others at home and abroad to benefit them.

Today's USA is world's apart from the New Deal/Great Society eras that long ago disappeared.

The lion's share of US discretionary spending today goes for military, industrial, security complex interests, as well as what benefits Wall Street and other corporate favorites at the expense of Main Street.

The Wednesday address by Biden's impersonator was all show and no dough…all flash and no cash, another way of saying the same thing.

Whatever Biden's domestic team has in mind won't remotely resemble FDR's New Deal infrastructure projects.

Despite flaws and failures, its accomplishments were significant when most needed during Great Depression years.

It put millions of jobless Americans back to work, reinvigorated the national spirit, built or renovated 700,000 miles of roads, 7,800 bridges, 45,000 schools, 2,500 hospitals, 13,000 parks and playgrounds, 1,000 airfields, and undertook various other infrastructure projects.

Rebuilding Chicago's lakefront near where I live was one of its notable achievements.

New Deal initiatives reduced unemployment from its 25% peak in May 1933 to 11% in 1937.

Then it spiked higher before pre-war production revived economic growth — ahead of full employment during WW II.

It's in stark contrast to nearly 26% unemployment today — based on how calculated pre-1990 before data rigging artificially lowered it.

Whatever Biden regime elements have in mind will be worlds apart from New Deal/Great Society programs.

Even the Times admitted that it'll "take years to know whether" whatever is coming will benefit ordinary Americans.

Based on neoliberal harshness in recent decades, it's virtually certain that only privileged interests will benefit ahead.

No "jump-start(ing)" of the economy is planned, no jobs creation programs like in the New Deal, no government initiatives to aid ordinary Americans, little or nothing for the nation's most disadvantaged.

Dystopian Great Reset planners have polar opposite aims in mind.

Their scheme is all-about transforming working class Americans and others abroad into serfs serving ruling class interests.

America's fantasy democracy works only for privileged class.

The Biden regime's notion of "democratic capitalism" excludes ordinary people so the nation's super-rich can keep benefitting at their expense.

What the Times and other establishment fail to explain is what's most important for everyone to know.

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