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Marc Victor (L) Already Won Arizona US Senate Election  

Lots of criticism on my Telegram channels about my friend Marc Victor (L) running for US Senate against (D) Mark Kelly in AZ giving Senate to Chuck Shumer etc. by siphoning "R" votes.
(gee,... have we heard this argument before? :)

Ernest Hancock, [10/17/22 10:46 AM]

Still Voting?

15% is the 'Freak Out' # in politics (especially in a 3 way race).

I talked to Marc last night (he's at his office in Hawaii at the moment). The 'Live and Let Live' movement he's championing is his primary goal with a much longer term mindset (about time IMNSHO).

The slings and arrows Marc can expect are going to darken the sky from now to election night (I guess he gets to fight in the shade :)

I know Marc well... since 1993, done over a dozen FreedomSummits together. But we are not joined at the hip and Marc has a very strong motivation to be heard and understood... just his personality.

He ran against Jeff Flake and I was very disappointed when he listened to all of this sort of criticism and wimped out several times in debates and even praised Flake in a debate. I was very critical and told him he would regret caving to pressure from Republican friend's appeal to go easy or the D would WIN.

These philosophical battles aren't short term political Wars but for the surthrival of Humanity. This short term thinking is how we got here. I'm glad to see Marc take on the D's ANNNNND R's for their bullshit.

Within 10 years I'll likely have Great Grandchildren and I'm not risking their future on short term election goals of America inc.

IMO,... if Marc stays hardcore and maintains the respect of those that support him by NOT backing down. Then runs against Sinema in 2024  it'll be very... noticed. Hell, if he keeps his 'Live and Let Live' theme and stays consistently principled with Non-Aggression support, then it won't matter if he runs as a Republican (other than the R's will spend a gazillion $ to beat him in the Primary - Buuuuut, then That race would get even more attention and advancement for 'The Cause').


Elections/Vote Totals are a Side Effect of public sentiment (if you can get an accurate election). General Public Opinion is where the real POWER is, and when you get the coverage Marc has gotten And reached the freak out percentage of 15% it is justified to take a victory lap already IMO.

Marc and I are each very strong minded and have our own goals and motivations but we have always had the same end goal. We have always been there to support the other but not at the sacrifice of our personal goals. But many times over the decades we have benefited from overlapping his lawyering with my street activism. When we find an issue we can both support from both vectors, the Bad Guys don't have a chance in the Battle for Minds.

Starting Mid-January of 2023 I'll be deep in the middle of our "#OccupyTheLand with Attainable Housing" project while Marc's "Live and Let Live" movement will certainly be his long term effort (which he started developing and writing about a few years ago which he brought his now grown 3 children into helping with).

Marc and I are strong-willed people with our own styles and can only work together more smoothly as allies than partners... which is a much more sustainable arrangement for 'The Cause' IMO anyway.

Marc and I differed greatly on how I dealt with the FBI/DOJ on the January Subpoenas I got. But we hopefully understand each other and value the other's opinion. But we are very different in several perspectives but have a Very similar goal... 'Hearts and Minds' / 'General Public Opinion' in support of 'LeaveMeAloneism'.

Blake vs Kelly is soooo not a real battle. It's just arguing about the color of frosting on a shitcake.

AGAIN,... the world will be asking "why is it always Arizona?" and I and many others know why. Because enough of us are not afraid to Strike At The Root,... while others scratch their head as they witness the 'strangling vines' just slowly... then rapidly Die.

Economics, Currencies, Regulations, new Jurisdictions, Healthcare, Taxes, State's Rights, Property Rights, Individual Rights, Nuclear War, FOOOOD will dominate the next election cycle and the number of D's and R's in political office isn't going to mean shit. General Public Opinion has always been the determining factor (which is what soooo much fear and propaganda is all about). No Fear No Fear No Fear is a very powerful weapon and most feared by those trying to wield it like a scythe on the minds of individuals and entire populations.

When the next 'most important election of our lives' comes to Arizona I'll still be focusing on General Public Opinion about Live and Let Live/Non-Aggression/LeaveMeAloneism as a way of life that 'Merica was suppose to be all about.

I don't give half a shit about the Blake/Kelly selection process or the "R's" 'Hopeium' for the masses. What I AM encouraged by is the advocacy of freedom and the proper role/non-role of governments... as LOUD as possible from as many vectors as available.

Donna and I will be leaving NE Washington State for Arizona within a week (saw ice on window... time to Go) and a lot of prep is in the works for a January launch of efforts that may not be obvious until the spring of 2024 when Mr. and Mrs. Normie might start paying attention for the next election cycle. This has been our style for 40 years and why it's 'Always Arizona'.

2022 election is more like an Arizona starting pistol than a finish line.

Well, soon I'll be Baaaack. Just say'n :)