WW III Update
Stephen Lendman 
Date: 02-04-2023
Subject: WAR: About that War

WW III Update

by Stephen Lendman

Global war launched by the empire of lies on nonthreatening Russia continues to escalate.

Actions by the illegitimate Biden regime pose an unparalleled threat to humanity's survival.

Commenting on hegemon USA's intention to send rockets with a range of about 150 km to Ukrainian Nazis — perhaps long-range ones to follow for striking targets deep into Russian territory, Moscow's US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, said the following:

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies "sees no boundaries in seeking to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia." 

"The transfer of increasingly powerful weapons to the Kiev regime is a deliberate escalation of the conflict by the" empire of lies. 

The Biden regime "put almost everything on the 'Ukrainian card:' its own international authority, the money of (US) taxpayers and lives of Ukrainian (cannon fodder foot) soldiers."

"At this rate, (hegemon USA) could go to absolute madness, like giving fighter jets to" Ukrainian Nazis — to be flown by Pentagon pilots.

The empire of lies is "inciting its proteges to attack Russian regions."

"For us, there is no difference when we talk about a possible attack by Kiev criminals on the Zaporozhye or Bryansk regions, Crimea or the Smolensk region."

"All the lands that became part of Russia by the will of their inhabitants are our Motherland and we will defend it with all our might."

"The deepest sense of patriotism of the multinational Russian people, the courage of the military and all those who help the Army in the rear, have already become the key to our victories."

"That is why any attempt to harm the Russian Federation is doomed to failure."

"The sooner (hegemon USA) realizes this, the sooner the current conflict will end."

Russia knows that US-dominated NATO has been waging war on the Motherland by hot and other means for many years.

Longer-range rockets to Ukrainian Nazis is the latest shoe to drop.

They're included in a newly announced Biden regime $2.2 billion package of weapons and munitions to Kiev for escalating US forever war on nonthreatening Russia.

Will tactical missiles with a range of about 190 miles follow?

What the Biden regime now declines to provide most likely will be included in a future package of weapons and munitions for escalated war on Russia.

US/NATO military aid to Ukrainian Nazis is unrelated to self-defense, what's all about escalated aggression.

And sophisticated arms like Himars, tanks and newly announced longer-range rockets take months of training to operate.

So Pentagon personnel operate them, what's part of direct US war on Russia.

Congressional Republicans are far from squeaky clean on this issue.

GOP House Armed Services  Committee chairman, Mike Rogers, accused the Biden regime of not approving arms et al to Ukrainian Nazis fast enough, saying:

"Every day (that) Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB rocket artillery munitions) are not approved is a day (of delay in) getting (them) into the hands of a Ukrainian ready to kill a Russian."

In response, Vladimir Putin ordered Russia's Defense Ministry to eliminate "any possibility" of strikes by Ukrainian Nazis on Russian territory.

Sergey Lavrov said the following:

In response to longer-range rockets and missiles supplied by the empire of lies to Kiev, "the further (regime) troops will need to be" pushed back from areas near Russia's border, adding:

Hegemon USA and its NATO vassals target all nations free from their control by "unilateral sanctions, blackmail, threats, intimidation and direct use of force" in pursuit of unchallenged global dominance. 

Russia operates by worlds apart standards "on the side of truth."

"Today we are at the forefront of international efforts to uphold the basic principles of the UN Charter, including the fundamental principle of respect for the sovereign equality of states."

Launched years earlier by the empire of lies and its NATO vassals, a state of war exists by their regimes against Russia, what's WW III by any standard.

Will preemptive use of nukes by hegemon USA follow?

Things are heading ominously in this direction.

In response to what's going on, Russia's Security Council Deputy Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev, said the following:

"Our response (to what threatens the Motherland) can be any(thing)."

Russian President Vladimir Putin "said it quite definitely…in accordance with our doctrinal documents, including the Basic Principles of nuclear deterrence."

"I can assure you. The response will be swift, hard and convincing."

Russia's nuclear doctrine calls for use of these weapons defensively if the Motherland is threatened by weapons of mass destruction — if the very existence of the state is jeopardized.

Having launched WW III years earlier, the empire of lies and its Western vassals are pushing things toward use of weapons of mass destruction.

The International Campaign To Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) warned that their use may be just "a temper tantrum away."

The warning notably applies because of how Russia is decisively defeating hegemon USA's Ukraine project by military and tactical superiority.

Will the Biden regime resort to use of tactical nukes in a futile attempt to turn things around?

The empire of lies is the only nation ever to use these WMDs before — against an already defeated adversary in August 1945?

Will it go this way again against militarily superior Russia?

Will lunatics in charge of the Washington asylum destroy planet earth and all its life forms?

What's unthinkable may be inevitable.

A Final Comment

On February 3, Sergey Lavrov cited Vladimir Putin's characterization of the US, calling it an "empire of lies," adding:

"The West, and this is confirmed by our contacts, (is) perceived globally as (a) beacon of democracy" — far from it. 

"The US and its NATO satellites completely undermined their reputation as reliable international partners that are capable of coming to an agreement."

"The understanding that literally no one is immune from expropriation and from state banditry on the part of the former colonial powers is becoming ever stronger in the world."

Russia is "working together with likeminded people to transfer international settlements into national currencies, and create alternative payment and logistics systems so as not to depend on the whims and dictates of the country that has declared itself a hegemon." 

"(W)e are working towards establishing a fairer global monetary, financial, trade and economic architecture, which objectively contributes to the fight against new manifestations of neocolonialism."

The empire of lies couldn't defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan or Vietnamese half a century ago.

What chance does it have against Russian military superiority?

Russia will do whatever it takes to respond effectively to US/Western aggression.

Smashing the made-in-the-USA Ukraine project has gone a long way to show that US/dominated NATO is more a paper tiger than a preeminent military force to be reckoned with.