Column by Ernest Hancock
Column by Ernest Hancock

Column by Ernest Hancock: So, You Say You Want a Revolution
Donna Hancock 
Date: 03-30-2023
Subject: Freedom

So, You Say You Want a Revolution.

A revolution of what? What does revolution even mean?

The types of revolution that first come to mind are; Political, Cultural, Scientific, Industrial, Social, Technological etc. But they all share something… Influence.

For any revolution to stick, the influencing of General Public Opinion is more than useful or convenient, it is required. A revolution without widespread support/participation is at best a rant or maybe even a riot that provides another opportunity to ratchet down societal controls. Which is why orchestrated civil unrest is so useful in crafting laws and policies empowering the powerful.

My experiences have convinced me that the future of individual liberty will be fought on a battlefield of 'Credibility'. Who/What do you believe, and how hard do you believe it? "Influencers" are heavily recruited to give credibility to even the most useless of products, services and ideas. Popularity has become a substitute for competence.

John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon were all examples of influencers that opposed policies of powerful interests. If you are not In Control then you are Out of Control.