Dr. Melanie ICard Nathan Kohlerman
Dr. Melanie ICard Nathan Kohlerman

Veterans Ketamine Therapy Group Session at Butterfly Holistic Center April 15th Phoenix Arizona
Thomas Costanzo 
Date: 04-04-2023
Subject: Healthcare

Veterans Ketamine Therapy Group Session at Butterfly holistic Center April 15th Phoenix Arizona

Press Release

March 29, 2023, Phoenix, AZ - On April 15, 2023, Butterfly Holistic Center located at 1430 E. Missouri #B127, Phoenix, Arizona 85014 is hosting a Veterans ketamine therapy group session, that includes First Responders, Police, Firemen, Armed service members, and government workers, even those people with addictions can apply. The therapy session is being led by world-renowned Dr. Melanie Icard NMD. This therapy relieves anxiety, depression, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Other benefits include increased happiness and mind-body connection, and it has been proven to aid in overcoming trauma.

Dr. Melanie Icard NMD Butterfly Holistic Center Ceremonial Ketamine Therapy for VeteransNathan Kolherman NeuIntention We empower heart-led humans and purpose-driven leaders to awaken their wisdom from within, overcome the pain from the past, and connect to a greater sense of inner peace to amplify their lives.

"Ketamine is proven to be one of the three most effective medicines being researched right now for the treatment of PTSD. This is extremely useful for veterans considering the terrible things they saw when they deployed." Said Nathan Kohlerman

Aligning with Rev. Nathan Kohlerman of NeuIntention, who works with veterans, executives, and purpose-driven leaders who are seeking a holistic and integrative approach to align and optimize the Mind, Body, and Soul using somatic and psycho-spiritual methods to turn their darkness into their shining, Butterfly Holistic Center is offering a special ketamine group on a sliding scale pricing based on income, this means anyone who wants to explore this well-documented,  cutting-edge therapy and makes it affordable to do so. 

Pricing is as follows:

+$70k income    -> $333

$50 - 30k Income    -> $250

$50 - 30k income    -> $200

<30K Income        -> scholarships available

Ceremonial Ketamine therapy created by Dr. Icard is a multisensory experience with breathwork, sound, scent, energy work, and optional touch developed from her extensive training and personal experience. Ketamine is proven to have remarkable effects on mental health, providing quick and long-lasting relief from a range of conditions including depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The ceremonial aspect of this therapy is designed to create a supportive and calming environment for participants, allowing them to focus on their mental and emotional well-being.

Dr. Melanie Icard is highly trained and experienced in the administration of ketamine therapy and provides a safe and supportive environment in a ceremonial setting for participants to heal and grow.

"It has long been known of the stress, and trauma our veterans and first responders experience, this therapy goes right to the heart of the matter to alleviate their suffering. We are eager to offer this innovative therapy to our veterans, and make it affordable to everyone," said Dr. Melanie Icard. "The benefits of ketamine therapy have been well documented, and this session will help participants on their journey towards greater happiness, mental clarity, and emotional healing." "For patient comfort, the Ketamine is administered to the patient in a lozenge, without IV or needles." 

Butterfly Holistic Center provides cutting-edge holistic therapies to its clients and is committed to improving the mental and emotional well-being of those who participate in its programs. For more information about this ceremonial ketamine therapy session, please contact Butterfly Holistic Center at 480-599-8370.

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