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If There's Violence on the World Stage: It's From Followers of Islam  

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any faith, but to become dominant. The Qur'an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." Omar Ahmed, director of Council on American Islamic Relations.

Let that quote sink into your mind, emotions and feelings for a minute.  Muslims prove themselves the most violent tribal people in the world. Allah of the Qur'an mandates that they, "Convert or kill all non-believers."  That's you and that's me.  That's every American.  That's every Jewish person.  Without a doubt, Islam mandates a form of racism that supersedes anything seen in any Western Country.  Islam remains ugly, single-minded and perverse in the 21st century.

By fighting for Allah, the men enjoy 72 virgins in the afterlife for all eternity.  They treat their women with violence, cutting of genitals, beatings, 20,000 honor killings annually, and more ugly acts than anyone in America can imagine.

Muslims cannot step into the realities of the 21st century such as women's rights, religious freedom, personal dress choices, homosexuality, freedom of speech, freedom of choice for a spouse, freedom of the mind and another dozen sickening aspect of the Qur'an.

This past weekend, Islamic Hamas terrorists launched thousands of missiles on Israel.  Hamas killed and/or wounded over 1,000 people, including 22 Americans, thus far.  They brutalized women, children and babies.

What makes it even more frightening?  U.S. House of Representatives Member Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian, supported Hamas' murdering, killing and savagery.  In Detroit, Michigan, where there are 300,000 Islamic immigrants, they CELEBRATED and SUPPORTED Hamas with flags, speeches and financial support.  

I visited Dearborn, Michigan this past summer. I worked there for 20 years as Muslims poured into Detroit on the American taxpayer's dollar.  It's no longer America.  It's Baghdad in America.  You won't see Old Glory flying anywhere. You will see women in Burkas and Hajibs. You won't see English, but you will see "Arabic" worm writing everywhere. Mosques with huge walls like fortresses, stand in every sector of the city.

As a college kid, I remember Muslims murdering 11 Jewish athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.  They tried to bomb the Georgia Olympics in 1996.  Then, you remember Muslim terrorists shot up Paris France and dozens of deaths.  Yet, the French and all of Europe keep importing them.

According to Fondapol, a French think tank, between 1979 and May 2021, at least 48,030 Islamist terrorist attacks took place worldwide, causing the deaths of at least 210,138 people. On an average, during this period, an Islamist attack has resulted in the death of around 4.4 persons. The most common type of weapon used are explosives (43.9%). The main target of these attacks is the military (31.7%), followed by civilians (25.0%) and police forces (18.3%). Afghanistan was the country most affected by Islamist terrorism, followed by Iraq and Somalia. With at least 82 Islamist attacks and 332 deaths, France remains the country most affected by Islamist terrorism within the European Union. 

You cannot help but remember 1993 when Muslim terrorists tried to bomb the Trade Center.  In 2001, they succeeded with planes driven into the Twin Towers.  We call it 9/11.  They killed 3,000 American citizens and several hundred others.

If you read the Qur'an as I have, you learn that this is the most brutal, barbaric, ugly, nasty, tenacious, morbid and pathetic religion on planet Earth.  Its main prophet, Mohammed, was an illiterate, rapist, brute of a man. He cut peoples' heads and hands off. He killed women without a blink.  His disciples, since the 6th century, brainwash their youth into becoming terrorists.  Only Charles Martell stopped his Islamic terrorists from conquering Europe in 722 A.D.

But here it is 2023, and Islam expects to conquer Europe by immigration. There's a reported 55 million of them inside Europe.  They expect to subdue America the same way.  They've got 4,000,000 of these tribal people entrenched today.  What happens when their numbers reach 40,000,000 (million)?  They cannot, do not and will not become American citizens…nor will they EVER accept our U.S. Constitution.  They only answer to Allah and Mecca back in their homeland.

Like the Hamas, American Muslims have training camps in at least 10 of our states.  There's little doubt they will target our electrical substations and electrical grid with Rocket Propelled Grenades. They could bring us to our knees within weeks of such attacks.  You must remember this: they don't care when they die because they enjoy 72 virgins in the afterlife.

Guess what, your U.S. Congress keeps bringing them into America.  Barack Obama ushered them into our midst with greater alacrity. Why? Because Barack Obama is a Muslim. He stated it in his book. In any confrontation, he would "side with the Muslims."  Biden has allowed countless Muslim terrorists over our borders in the past 33 months.

At this point, with only 4,000,000 of them, they know that our American hunters with millions of rifles would eradicate them. So, they are biding their time.  If it takes 10, 50 or 100 years, American Muslims expect to make America an Islamic Caliphate…and you and/or your children will "convert or be killed" by the followers of Allah.

Personally, would you agree that we should deport every last one of them back to their homeland in order for us to survive in our own homeland?


-- Frosty Wooldridge

Golden, CO 

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