Frosty Wooldridge
Destroying America's National Identity: There Will Be No Peaceful Solution  

As of three years ago when Joe Biden took over as president, your citizenship no longer means zilch.  Biden or his handers have engineered the largest invasion of any country in the history of the world.  As of 35 months ago, Biden invited 8,000,000 illegal aliens from over 100 countries to breach our borders. Islamic terrorists enjoy free access to our country.  Even the FBI Chief Wray said we stand at the highest level of terrorist threats, ever. 

At the same time, the majority of our U.S. Congress sits on their hands doing absolutely NOTHING to stop the invasion.  Now, we feature somewhere between 4 and 8 million Muslims whose prime directive from the Qur'an is: "Convert or kill all non-believers."  They have not and do not intend to EVER become Americans loyal to our U.S. Constitution.  They intend to install Sharia Law bit by bit, city by city, year by year, decade by decade…until America looks like Europe.  

America's National Identity Is Being Destroyed

If you think those 12 million illegals and now another 8 million illegal border jumpers intend to become loyal, flag waving American citizens…you need to see a psychiatrist.   If you think that the 4 to 8 million Muslims imported into the United States intend to serve our Constitution, you would be a fool.  Already in Baghdad/Detroit, Michigan where they've created their own caliphate, they promised to not vote for Biden because he supports Israel.  Gees, who would have thought that American Muslims would stand by the Jews of Israel?  The  reality is,  those American Muslims would like to exterminate all Jews from this planet.

If you looked at Dublin burning in the past week, you watched what's coming to America.  If you watched tens of thousands of British Muslims marching in favor of Hamas over the past month, you realize that the British can't do anything to stop them. Why? Because of their numbers, those Muslims would burn London down.  The United Kingdom killed itself by importing that barbaric religion right into its guts.

Reporter Theophilus Chilton wrote an incredibly incisive article on what's happening to Ireland and all of Europe. They are SO deep into their immigration nightmares, they can't escape, and thus the only solution is conflict.  (Source: www.Cairco.org , "There is no peaceful  Solution",  Chilton.) 

Chilton  said, "As most of us are surely aware by now, the fermenting demographic troubles in Ireland finally boiled over last week in a flurry of rioting... The deeper cause, of course, is the systematic set of policies enacted by globalist, transnational, mostly foreign "elites" who have ruled Ireland for over a decade to the detriment of Ireland's native population. These policies have methodically disadvantaged actual Irish people -- economically, demographically, and legally - while perpetrating a type of anarcho-tyranny to the advantage of vast numbers of third world "migrants" who have brought in huge amounts of crime and corruption..."Of course, Ireland (like most other western nations, including our own) is ruled by a transnational body of foreign satraps who don't give a rip about the native peoples of the countries they occupy...Indeed, violent resistance to illegitimate governments which despise their own people is entirely proper and right."

There will become a point in American cities where will have to fight for our rights over Sharia Law.  Or, we devolve into Islam's nightmare for men, women, children and animals.

"The fact of the matter is that we've reached the point where there is no peaceful solution to the problems faced in the West by the mass importation of hostile, unassimilable foreigners nor the politicians who hate their own people," said Chilton.  

Ireland Faces Horrific Problems That Do Not Enjoy A Peaceful Solution

Chilton stated, "Ireland once was homogenous, relatively high IQ and high trust, was the Celtic Tiger with lots of prosperity. Then globalists decided that Ireland needed tons of "refugees" just like the rest of Europe and suddenly that prosperity, safety and high trust vanished."

As millions of illegal aliens pour over the border from God only knows where, and averaging 10,000 daily, can you imagine what our national identity will become?

With this invasion nightmare accelerating, do you see any  elected representatives in Congress doing a single stinking thing to stop it.  Yes, a few speak up like Josh Hawley (R-MO), Tom Cotton (R-AR), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), but no one else lifts a finger.

At some point, we will lose our national identity into a black hole of multicultural chaos and conflict.  Why can't the majority of Americans see it?  Why aren't our elected officials stopping it?  Why are we supporting national suicide by our silence?