Frosty Wooldridge
Diversity Versus Racism Equals Equity?  

America continues at odds with its ethnic racial groups.  Brown people.  Black people. White people. Asian people. Jewish people. Muslim people.  Yellow people.  Biracial people.  It appears after many decades; ethnic groups cannot find harmony.  

Every city in America finds itself racially separated.  Black people prefer to live with other black people.  Asians self-segregate at lunchtime by eating together.  Same with blacks.  Same with Whites. Same with Muslims.  Everyone generally likes to associate with their own groups.  

Yes, because of laws made to create integration, many groups work together, but when they go home, they move toward their own groups. No matter how many TV programs pretend to integrate people, average people move toward their own racial groups.

Everything happening in America stands as a contradiction to reality.  The politicians and/or academics in high places push for "Diversity, Inclusion and Equity."  The "Woke" people want males to compete and beat females…as if it's normal or realistic or fair.  It shows that "Wokeness" continues as a mental disease that cannot be cured.

And, then you have LGBTQ+ concentrating on their own group trying to fit into America as something normal, usual and everywhere. It's a minor percentage of people. They mostly hang with each other.

Yet, the old guard conservatives try to maintain some kind of ethics and morality in the face of America's latest craziness and lawlessness.  So, what is racism versus diversity versus equity?  Why is all the racism pointed at White people?  

If you look back in history, Native Americans were incredibly racist. If the Dakota crossed over onto Blackfeet's land, the Blackfeet killed them.  The Apache killed the Comanche's for crossing over turf boundaries.   The Cherokee didn't like the Seminoles. The wars among tribes continued for centuries.  In other words, different tribes just didn't like each other.

But in America, Whites are blamed for racism, White privilege, and virtually everyone's problems.  And yet, 99 percent of the last 10 million legal and illegal aliens crossing over America's borders are people of color.  Ironically, American minorities enjoy the highest standard of living in the world.  So, what's up? 

Writer Bo Winegard said, "Liberals profess contradictory views about racism and diversity. On the one hand, they contend that whites are pervasively though often unconsciously prejudiced.  On the other hand, they contend that diversity is one of humanity's great goods.

History clearly shows that diversity is not such a good thing among races. 

"But if whites are almost irremediably racist, and if their racism stifles and traumatizes blacks (and other "people of color")," said Winegard.  "Why would diversity be a strength? Why would it not be wiser for blacks to avoid whites and to create their own communities as free from the baneful influence of anti-black racism as possible?"

In reality, the former Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi called for a Black America made out of the five southern states. He died of cancer, but his son continues on that same path.  He's got tens of thousands of supporters.

"The claim that racism is pervasive, stubborn, and stultifying is not new," said Winegard.  "People on the left, in the center, and even on the right have forwarded it to explain a variety of black ailments and dysfunctions, from high crime rates and fatherless homes to low grades and test scores. But the claim has become more popular and more integral to mainstream political narratives since the rise of racial progressivism (also called "wokism")."

But if you look at Detroit, Michigan, the Muslims have their own form of racism. They've made an Islamic Caliphate in Detroit.  Non-Muslims do not dare live in that neck of the woods.

Only white people can be racist because only white people have the power to oppress....

"And of course, after the death of George Floyd," said Winegard.  "The narrative that ubiquitous racism engenders disproportionate outcomes in the criminal justice system became so conventional that it was endorsed and promoted by prestigious corporations, many of whom proudly (or, perhaps, cynically) advertised the Black Lives Matter banner. The theme, the meaning, the raison d'être of racial progressivism is that white people are responsible for the failures and dysfunctions of black people."

In reality, America features the most black billionaires and black millionaires in the world. America features the highest rates of education for blacks in the world.  American blacks enjoy the  highest standard of living in the world.  

Wingard continued, "Diversity is a rhetorical sleight of hand which ultimately means "fewer white people in positions of power and prestige."... Diversity is not about diversity; rather, it is about redistributing resources from white people (and Asians) to black and brown people."

In the final analysis, success in free countries where democracy encourages personal effort, it gets down to IQ's, educational excellence, individual choices, personal determination and free will.  Blaming other races for your own failures such as flunking out of school or joining a gang or getting hooked on drugs…well, that's on you.  Only  you can change that no matter what your color.

After having observed America's racial divisions for five decades, this journalist sees no solutions, no resolutions, and no peace among races. It's all pretty much how Mother Nature created the human race. There is no equity no matter how much inclusion or social engineering.  You're seeing that play out in Ukraine, Israel-Gaza, Sweden, France, Great Britain and every country forced into endless immigration of disparate racial groups.