2nd Amendment Grades for Texas’ 2024 Political Candidates
2nd Amendment Grades for Texas’ 2024 Political Candidates

2nd Amendment Grades for Texas' 2024 Political Candidates
Sam Jacobs 
Website: Ammo.com
Blog: The Resistance Library
Date: 05-20-2024
Subject: Gun Rights

Grading Methodology For a Candidate's Second Amendment Stance

Texas' candidates are graded based on their previous 2A voting records, public statements on their constituents owning firearms, and their willingness to focus on 2A issues. Given our research on this criteria, we've assigned the following grades to those running for office:

Politicians Running for Federal Office in 2024

Texas has 38 House of Representatives seats and 2 Senate seats at the federal level.

The following candidates were selected for our grading system based on either high-profile races or battleground districts (those with a narrow margin in 2022) in Texas:

Ted Cruz - Running for U.S. Senate

Ted Cruz's Second Amendment Stance

• Supports abolishing the ATF.
• Consistently supports the Second Amendment in Tweets, comments, statements, and votes.

Most Important Issues

Unfortunately, Ted Cruz doesn't have a strong legislative stance.

• American Energy Independence
• Foreign Policy
• Anti-Green Energy Bills
Summary Ted Cruz strongly advocates for the Second Amendment, although it doesn't seem to be a top priority for this Senator.
Grade: A

Colin Allred - Running for U.S. Senate

Colin Allred's Second Amendment Stance

• Consistently supports Federal Gun Control bills.
• Supports weapons bans, background checks, safe storage laws, and all gun control legislation.

Most Important Issues

• Green Energy
• Healthcare
• Economy
Summary Colin Allred consistently supports and introduces anti-2A legislative action.
Grade: F

Dan Crenshaw - Running for U.S. House District 2

Dan Crenshaw's Second Amendment Stance

• Consistently supports the Second Amendment in statements.
• Consistently votes No to anti-2A legislation.
• Votes for bills that include anti-2A legislation.

Most Important Issues

• Border Security
• Healthcare
• Education
• Anti-Green Energy Legislation
Summary Dan Crenshaw consistently makes statements and supports pro-2A legislation. However, he also voted yes for bills that included restrictive legislation and helped codify the 1988 Undetectable Firearms Act.
Grade: C

Peter Filler - Running for U.S. House District 2

Peter Filler's Second Amendment Stance

• Supports gun control legislation like firearm storage laws.

Most Important Issues

• Education
• Economy
• Foreign Affairs
Summary Peter Filler makes statements supporting gun control but doesn't appear to prioritize it.
Grade: D

Tony Gonzales - Running for U.S. House District 23

Tony Gonzales's Second Amendment Stance

• Has supported bipartisan legislation on gun control.
• Supports some gun control.

Most Important Issues

• Border Security
• Law enforcement
• Education
• Pro-Life
Summary Tony Gonzales supports some gun control and doesn't make an effort to fight existing infringements.
Grade: D

Brandon Herrera - Running for U.S. House District 23

Brandon Herrera's Second Amendment Stance

• A staunch opponent of any restrictions on the Second Amendment.
• Well-known 2A influencer with a long history of pro-2A advocacy.
• Works with the NRA, GOA, FPC, and Young Americans for Liberty.

Most Important Issues

• Second Amendment rights
• Constitutionalism
Summary Brandon Herrera is a staunch 2A supporter with a proven record of advocacy but has no voting record yet.
Grade: A

Henry Cuellar - Running for U.S. House District 28

Henry Cuellar??????????????'s Second Amendment Stance

• Doesn't always vote for gun control.
• Consistently makes statements supporting stricter gun laws.
• Co-sponsors federal legislation that restricts the Second Amendment.

Most Important Issues

• Education
• Transportation
• Energy
• Healthcare
Summary Henry Cuellar doesn't support every gun control bill introduced, but he does support 2A restrictions.
Grade: D

Jay Furman??????? - Running for U.S. House District 28

Jay Furman??????????????'s Second Amendment Stance

• 2A supporter on Twitter.
• Supports the Second Amendment on his website.

Most Important Issues

• The Second Amendment
• Education
• Border security
Summary Jay Furman is a staunch 2A supporter and deserves the support of his district's gun owners.
Grade: A

Politicians Running for State Office in 2024: Texas

Texas has 150 House Districts and 31 State Senate Districts.

The following districts are key battleground areas with less than a 10% margin of victory in prior elections.

Running for State Senate District 8

Angela Paxton (Republican) vs Rachel Mello (Democrat)
Endorsement Angela Paxton due to her previous voting history and prioritizing 2A rights.

Running for State Senate District 27

Adam Hinojosa (Republican) vs Morgan Lamantia??????? (Democrat)
Endorsement Adam Hinojosa who wrote to us, "I am an ardent believer that our rights are inalienable and protected under our Constitution. The 2nd Amendment was written specifically to ensure that We The People can arm up against a tyrannical government run amuck."

Running for State House in District 66

Matt Shaheen (Republican) vs David Carstens (Democrat)
Endorsement Matt Shaheen for his pro-2A legislative action, including sponsoring HB 2622 (prohibits the enforcement of federal gun control) and consistent stance against gun control.

Running for State House in District 67

Jeff Leach (Republican) vs Makala Washington??????? (Democrat)
Endorsement Jeff Leach for his work sponsoring legislation that prohibits the enforcement of new federal gun laws and his consistent advocacy against 2A infringements.

Running for State House in District 94

Tony Tinderholt (Republican) vs Denise Wilkerson (Democrat)
Endorsement Tony Tinderholt for his consistent ability to protect our Second Amendment rights in the State House and publicly.

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