Best Ammo For Taurus PT111 G2: Target and Defense Ammunition
Sam Jacobs 
Website: Ammo.com
Blog: The Resistance Library
Date: 05-23-2024
Subject: Gun Rights

Congratulations on purchasing a new Taurus PT111 G2! But now you need to know which ammo works best in your concealed carry gun.

Since the Taurus G2c is available in two calibers, I have two sections: one for 9mm Luger and one for 40 S&W.

However, if you don't find what you're looking for, we have many more options as you keep reading!

Federal American Eagle 115gr FMJ - Best Overall 9mm Luger Target Ammo


Casing: Brass
• Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket
• Bullet Weight: 115 grains
• Muzzle Velocity: 1,180 fps
• Muzzle Energy: 356 ft-lbs


• Well known brand, loved by shooters
• Reliable rounds
• Comparable ballistics to self-defense rounds
• Reasonably priced


• To get the best price, you need to buy in bulk
• Not everyone likes the lightweight bullet

Why We Chose It

Federal Ammunition is a favorite of many Americans and shooters across the globe because they've earned a reputation for producing high-quality ammo at reasonable prices.

The Federal American Eagle line is no different, and it's perfect for a day at the range, whether you're shooting a full-size Glock or a compact pistol like the Taurus G2c.

When shooting Federal American Eagle 115gr FMJ rounds, I've NEVER had a misfire or jam...And I've shot well over 500 rounds through a gun very similar to the Taurus G2c, my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.

So, I can say with confidence these rounds are very reliable.

One of the reasons I don't mind taking these to the range is the decent price. They're not the cheapest rounds, but you could spend more and still get lower-quality ammo.

Another significant reason these rounds are always with me at the range is because they offer a comparable performance to the self-defense ammo that I carry. Personal defense ammo is expensive, so finding something much less costly yet still has similar ballistics is crucial for my training.

As great of a choice as this ammo is, it still has some drawbacks.

The biggest drawback is that to get the best price, you must spend more and buy bulk ammo.

If you shoot a lot, this is no big deal. But if you're just getting started shooting, I understand that buying bulk ammo is a significant investment.

Some shooters also prefer heavier bullets than the 115gr FMJ. This is usually because they like heavier bullets for personal defense, so the ballistics don't match up as well as those with a 124gr or larger FMJ bullet.

For those shooters, Winchester 124-Grain FMJ and Sellier & Bellot 124-Grain FMJ are my top choices.

I've shot both brands on numerous occasions and found them to be a little bit too poppy (too much recoil) for a compact pistol with a polymer frame. However, in a full-size pistol, they're easy to handle while plinking.

I've shot Federal American Eagle for years and will continue buying it because it's been reliable and affordable, and it's just plain fun to shoot!

Speer Lawman 180gr TMJ - Best Overall 40 S&W for Target Shooting


• Casing: Brass
• Bullet Type: Total Metal Jacket
• Bullet Weight: 180 grains
• Muzzle Velocity: 985 fps
• Muzzle Energy: 388 ft-lbs


• Trusted by Law Enforcement and civilians
• Safe for indoor and outdoor ranges
• Reliable
• Accurate
• You can reload the brass


• More expensive than PMC

Why We Chose It

When I ask any of my law enforcement buddies what they prefer to train with, the answer is typically Speer Ammunition because it's accurate, dependable, and very similar to what they carry on the job.

One thing that helps Speer 180gr TMJ stand out is the Total Metal Jacket. This bullet design allows shooters to shoot indoors without worrying about breathing in lead vapors.

So, if your primary option is an indoor range, these are the rounds you need unless you're trying to get lung cancer.

On top of protecting your life from harmful lead vapors, these rounds go bang every time you pull the trigger and rarely jam.

You'll spend more time shooting and less time clearing jams and failure to fires!

Speer uses top-tier bullets, which are very accurate, so you can confidently use them to prove to your shooting buddy that you are a better shot than they are with your Taurus PT111 G2c.

Because Speer uses the best materials, their ammo price points are a little higher than your average plinking ammo, like PMC or Wolf steel case ammo. However, it's more reliable and causes fewer jams than the cheaper brands, and you can't reload steel case ammo as you can the brass-cased Speer 180gr TMJ.

Magtech 180-Grain FMJ and Blazer 180-Grain FMJ are two other rounds worth mentioning; they're at an excellent price point and very reliable.

Even though Speer 180gr TMJs are slightly more expensive than some of the other plinking ammo, but it's not enough to knock them out of the running for the best ammo for a Taurus PT111 G2c because they're trusted by law enforcement: accurate and reliable.

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