Subject: Education: Government Schools


Public schools run by parents and the local community have nearly become a thing of the past.  These schools have morphed into bigger and bigger government schools.  Bigger government centralists and bigger school system centralists are behind the change.  The motives continue to be money and the need for power over others.  Their need for more money is never satisfied.  Their need for more control over the kids, the families and communities is also never satisfied. 


And, to make matters even worse these same elitists are taking steps aimed to promote a

new level of centralism at the global level.  This is the level nation states loose power and control and the people completely loose their right of self determination.  The phrase “power to the elites” displaces the phrase “power to the people”.  


According to them poor educational results are not their problems.  The problem is not enough money.  The problem is the scope of the effort is not big enough.  And, the problem is not enough time to do the job. 


On the contrary, the real problem is being conned into believing that bigger is in fact better. Fortunately, a growing body of people now thinks the educational system is going in the wrong direction and that the costs of education are burdensome. 


Despite this sentiment the educational elites keep pushing for more. A good example of

this is James Browder’s recent speech calling for an increase the school year from 180 to

200 days.  He is the Lee County Government School System Superintendent.  He resides

in Florida and is an expert in growing bigger Government Schools. His speech also

included statistics from the International Organization for Cooperation and Development

which is a promotion of a globalist group.  This group has not been elected at the local

level.  Its efforts are an affront to the idea of self determination of students, parents, the

local community and all other local  communities around the globe. 


 Those in the local community can involve themselves in corrective actions designed to

downsize the overbearing and overreaching Government School bureaucracy.   One is to

work to replace or negate special interest manipulators at the local, state, national and

global levels.  Another is to seek needed change at the federal level by supporting

political efforts to end the Federal Government Department of Education.  It is not the job of the federal government to teach the kids.  Further, it is not competent enough to do so.  In any event, the Federal Government is broke, deeply in debt and overextended. http://inflation.us  We simply can’t afford to pay for this anti Constitutional bureaucracy.


James Arft

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