Subject: Media: Television

By Daren Lester

Sean Hannity was fired for producing a piece called, "Obama & Friends: History of Radicalism." The video was pulled from the schedule and Hannity is getting a lesson in just how radical Barry Satoro is. As most people in the freedom movement have come to learn when you start to receive flack you're usually over the target. Well Sean will probably have plenty of time at home with the wife and children.

Things to consider, Hannity has no one to blame but himself when he helped usher in an era of police state under W. That's right, back in the first few years under Baby Bush, when you were unaware of the fascism in America and it was slowly beginning to show it's ugly face, you, Babyboy Hannity had been betraying your profession and the American People with rhetoric and hit pieces.

Hannity & Friends:History of Radicalism, back throughout 2000-2008 orchestrated on-air hit pieces, assassinated many good people's names and character with name calling for your masters at Faux News. Hannity and his ugly duck partner pretended to be conservative and liberal; they held non-issue arguments; their fake news shows bantered between themselves with bipatisan hackery and attacked anyone that questioned the changing role of government. But what does Sean-boy care? He's laughing all the way to the bank. I'm sure he was paid good for his betrayal.

Consider, this is a lesson to the remaining others still rolling with the punches. It is not likely that any of the the other crap-castors will shed a tear for Sean,"Tough break Sean-boy" as they head down the hall for the studio, pulling makeup paper from their collar. It is little doubt that Faux News has already hired some hungery, industry-groomed news hack to fill Hannity's shoes and reads a teleprompter much better than Sean or Barry. The reality that a new breed of desperate on-air weak-knee mold has been casted.

Now monsters like Barry have standing. The broadcast media, in their complacency, that helped put in position new governmetal roles, and convinced Americans to go-along get-along are surely going to see what they have unleashed. Those of us in America who have woken-up could care less for broadcast media.

The American People are waking up to the devices and tricks and do not believe the promt-readers. We know there is more you're (MSNBC, NBC, CNN, FOX, etc.) not telling us.  Most people have found alternative radio and news not regulated by anything but our conscious. We will not shed a tear for Sean.

Sean without a concern for the truth or intergrity might as well just written his own eulogy. After all, I'm sure he has a few scribblings in a notebook some where for his profession. He did all the work when he took it upon himself to go after Barry. Apparently Sean got a little too personal for Barry's liking or Faux News. He's been cut and the fascism keeps going.