Powell Gammill
Americans, Israel needs your help now  
We have given and taken a lot of heat lately over Freedoms Phoenix's coverage of the Israel - Palestine (Mid East) conflict.  Controversy is a good thing.

But just as we have in the past taken heat for our opposition to war...any war by avid couch potato warriors who remain gung-ho patriots right up until you point out that there is a desperate manpower shortage in the military and the call for volunteers has gone out and hey, you qualify.  Amazing how many of those sunshine patriots, those support our troops, those demagogic enthusiastic advocates of aerial bombardment, assassination and torture had better things to do with their lives than risk them taking orders in some hostile environment far away from home.

Well here is your second opportunity!

To all of Israel's supporters, defenders and sunshine patriots; Israel needs your help.  Sign up to help defend Israel.  Put your butt where your mouth is right away.  That is correct Israel needs Americans to join their Army

Try not to collide with one another while you eagerly line up for some front-line action raiding homes, bulldozing schools, shooting mothers, blocking commerce, starving and depriving children, bombing factories and just all around having a good time suppressing the indigenous  people.  Be sure to volunteer your kids too. 
And keep complaining about Freedom's Phoenix.

[For a second point of view....]