Subject: Gun Rights

In a part of the world all too often ignored by the American media, in a situation largely overshadowed by the heartbreaking humanitarian catastrophe in Venezuela, the situation in Nicaragua worsens every day under the socialist dictatorship of Daniel Ortega.

The situation took a while to metastasize into what it is now, and there are frightening similarities between the Sandinistas and the ever more radical violent Democratic Party and their Republican In Name Only allies.

Before the brutal violent civil war in Nicaragua which lead to the Sandinista victory, a series of US-backed dictators, who were extremely corrupt violent brutal authoritarian, and regimes that severely exploited the Nicaraguan people, the situation without a doubt was horrible before the Sandinistas won the civil war.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt described Anastasio Somoza Garcia, one of the dictators, as follows, "he is a son of a b**** but he is our son of a b****." The Sandinistas got their wish in overthrowing the brutal violent corrupt exploitive kleptocratic regime of the then dictator Anastasio Somoza Debayle, as a provisional government came in after the victory in 1979 known as the Junta of National Reconstruction, a 5 member executive acting government led by Ortega and had 2 leftwing activists his soon to be Vice President after the 1984 election Sergio Ramirez, and Moises Hassan Morales, and two right-wing activists Violeta Chamorro and Alfonso Robelo. Daniel Ortega after the series of far-right dictatorships, was widely seen as a national hero and absolutely adored and loved by the Nicaraguan people, at that time.

The war reached the end and Ortega seized on the rightful anger of the suffering from the Somoza regime, to get his first shot at governing, a war-torn, very poor, exploited, nation. Daniel Ortega to the shock of absolutely no one won his first election in 1984 as a Marxist Leninist heavily Soviet-aligned hard left President.

Ortega in his first time around as President nationalized all the companies owned by the oligarchs. The Soviet Union wanted to do what they could to support their ally in Latin America so they gave out a lot of very generous loans so Ortega could pay for everything.

The country was socially shattered, the foreign debt was 6 times that of its GDP, and it suffered a hyperinflation rate of 33,547%, the economic state and management was so bad, the Kirchner's looked like model economists in comparison.

Ortega was resoundingly defeated in 1990 by Violeta Chamorro, and a long stint in opposition began for Daniel Ortega who never lost his hunger for power after that disastrous stint as President.

Ortega really started to learn what were for him very valuable lessons in how to actually appeal to what was in the 90s and the first half of the 2000s a center-right to right-wing electorate. He abandoned the hard left Marxist policies that shaped his first term as President, and moved much more towards a business investment friendly yet socialistic economic message, equivalent examples to the changes made by Ortega in policy can be found with countries like Vietnam, Laos, and China who instituted more market-friendly reforms but still was very much at the core a centralized big spending socialist economic management system.

The similarities to the modern democrats will become clear very quickly, as many of them, from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton to John Brennan to Bernie Sanders people spearheading a turn of the Democratic Party so far to the left Bill Clinton couldn't even stand a chance of being elected today in a fair primary, they all have past histories that are much much more radical than what they spoke about in their campaigns, the difference being we never had the hard left governing us Nicaragua did. These leaders in the Democratic Party who have spearheaded the turn to the far left had to moderate themselves to a Democratic electorate that was fairly Centrist for American, they began a slow boiling of the frog to actually get their hard left people into these positions of influence.

2006 though nothing could be taken for granted for Daniel Ortega, the opportunity emerged as his best chance to return to power as a series of corruption scandals badly tainted the previous administrations which did hinder development, the very real economic problems the poorest and most vulnerable Nicaraguans faced, the lack of benefits many received from the economic reforms passed by these previous center-right administrations.

The Nicaraguan President is elected in a single round voting system, where the single largest vote-getter becomes the President, and Daniel Ortega won 38.07% of the vote while the almost evenly split vote on the right 29% and 26.21% respectively, saw a new reformed Daniel Ortega who in rhetoric abandoned the Marxist-Leninist policies of his first term, he elected as a reformist more centrist leaning leftwing leader, and here we see the strategy of the slow boiling of the frog commenced. Ahead of the 2011 "General Election" the Sandinista regime controlled supreme court abolished term limits allowing for Mr. Ortega to run again, and just like that Nicaragua, had become the dictatorship again, they fought such a violent brutal bloody civil war to free themselves from, but at first, with the economy that was doing better with these free-market reforms, and Daniel Ortega still being very well liked for what he did in the civil war against the Somoza dictatorship leading the Sandinistas to victory and he was yet to expose himself as being an even more ruthless tyrant than Somoza.

Why do you think the hard left here, the idea of packing the courts if the Democrats win is an ever more embraced idea amongst these people? Have you read their books, have you read their emails WikiLeaks exposed? Have you listened to the way they speak about so many of the best things that make this country so great? Ortega wasn't just a loudmouth President who had no plan as to how he would be able to enforce this, invading Nicaraguan institutions, limiting intimidating and silencing credible opposition to his regime, and Ortega had his own paramilitary force, widely feared and known as mobsters, he instituted shortly after his plurality election win and they consisted of people from Sandinista supporters to gang members.

WikiLeaks remember exposed Daniel Ortega for having been financed and enriched by a lot of drug money, he even in the 1980s harbored Pablo Escobar. Did you ever wonder what Obama met by we need a civilian national security force just as powerful just as strong just as well funded, factor that in with the globalists owning him completely as a politician, they all say they want population reduction, Obama's mentor Bill Ayers was a domestic terrorist for the weather underground a communist group which FBI informant and infiltrator into the group Larry Grathwohl detailed how members said those who would refuse to submit to re-education and submit to their hard left vision of the world, would have to be put to death and according to Agent Grathwohl, they said they would have to kill 25 million Americans.

Why did we never get any answers to Obama's very close friendship with Bill Ayers, if Trump's sex life, and the salacious and still completely unproven claims about collusion with Russia are important enough to be asked and investigated, don't you think literally being mentored by a domestic terrorist part of a terrorist organization that bombed many American cities and buildings, as well as stating to FBI informant Agent Garthwohl that they want to and would have to kill 25 million Americans, don't you think this should have been investigated, don't you think we deserve the answer 10 years on we have never gotten? Why do you think they hide these realities from you? You didn't think the DNC just paid leftwing agitators to attack Trump rallies for nothing did you? You didn't think the Democratic Party, the Fake News Media, the RINOs, Hollywood, just embraced Antifa a communist domestic terrorist organization, for nothing did? You didn't think the calls by Democrat members of Congress to harass violently confront and attack Trump officials and supporters, you didn't think this came out of nowhere, did you?

You didn't think the Fake News Media, Hollywood, Peter Strozk, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and others calling Trump supporters Nazis, racists, sexists, homophobic, islamophobic irredeemable, smelly, backwards, and people who only vote one way because their husband does, you didn't think this never before seen severe level of violence incitement demonization and calls for assassination of the President and his supporters, you didn't think this came out of nowhere did you. Why do you think the people who so badly demonize attack slander and call for violence against the right, so desperately want to take the guns of rightwingers, while they buy up guns at a record level preparing for civil war?

We still have our guns but Nicaraguans, as that spirit and yearning of freedom to return, the largely young Nicaraguans, go into from police and paramilitaries, into gunfire, tear gas, battery acid, chemical usage, and they risk arrest, torture, rape, kidnapping, and death, and so far in only 3 months of protesting, in a country of 6 million people, over 350 people have been slaughtered by this regime.

The straw that broke the camel's back was dictator passing a social security reform bill which required workers to pay more into the system for retirees to get less from an already very low pension. The Nicaraguan people fed up with exploitation, corruption, nepotism, socialism, dictatorship, and destruction of Nicaraguan democratic institutions did take to the streets to be met with a severe violent repressive response and the April protests only was the beginning and a warning to Americans, the left here has a role model, they have already used certain tactics similar to the Sandinistas, and that we must be more vigilant than ever and guard against this growing menace and fight back.

Milo Yiannopolus' a gay Jew who likes black guys went to speak at UC Berkeley but the domestic terrorists of Antifa and their comrades at UC Berkeley with the blessing of the Pro Antifa Mayor, rioted destroying property, pepper spraying Trump and Milo supporters, and throwing rocks and forms of violence at people who wanted to see Milo speak, because they claimed this Gay Jew who likes black guys is a Nazi.

4 weeks after in Berkeley Pro Trump rally attendees were beaten, a few were hospitalized, against the baseball bats, bricks, metal pipes, pieces of wood and a dagger. In Chicago a disabled Trump supporter was kidnapped humiliated in front of the world, badly beaten, his scalp torn by 4 racist left-wing thugs, and people in the media even then said these people weren't evil.

Recently a leftwing terrorist who threatened to massacre Trump supporters went to the headquarters of New York Congressman Lee Zeldin and almost ran over a staffer to the congressman. All of this is happening already with a second amendment here in the United States. The evil of the Ortega regime the leftwing violence wasn't just limited to confrontations between the normal protesters, and the police and paramilitaries, the Mothers Day March in Managua where grieving mothers of dead largely young protesters between the ages of 14 months to the late 20s were killed by the Sandinista regime, the police and paramilitaries fired into the crowd at the Mothers Day March, and it wasn't long after that in which regime forces actually executed a 14-month-old baby.

Churches across Nicaragua are the subject of constant attacks, from Sandinista thugs. Arguably even lower, under the Nicaraguan government runned health care system, the regime told the hospitals under no circumstances can you treat any of the protesters for their injuries leaving the University medical students to treat injured protesters, inside the University hospitals which the treatment hinders on whether the place gets attacked or not as has happened throughout these protests.

Combine the rhetoric the actions the discrimination against Trump supporters, and never forget the ever more popular court packing idea by the left. They want the judicial authority to be able to carry the gun confiscation out, to beat us to torture us, and then to deny us the ability to get treated for our injuries they caused, because if they can't slaughter us like dogs, they want the next best thing which is to let the dying be slow painful and will commence anyway.

I want to be clear I am not saying all Democrats are like this but this rhetoric these actions these policy objectives are becoming so entrenched in the party, that those who are more rational are exiled if they don't just walk away entirely like I and so many former liberals are doing.

This breakdown in political civility and the ever more tyrannical violent nature of the left has made this fight to protect the second amendment, more crucial and important than it has ever been in especially recent American history. It goes without saying my prayers and solidarity is with the Nicaraguan people, as no civilized people deserve to suffer the unimaginable horrors of that kind of hellish tyranny and democide (deaths by government) the biggest killer of the century.

Patriots around the world all should stand with the people of Nicaragua in the effort to be free, it will happen sooner or later as Victor Hugo said "no army can stop an idea whose time has come" while we in America must protect the mechanisms that ensure we remain the freest country in the world.