Powell Gammill
Powell Gammill

Subject: Politics: Republican Campaigns

       By declaring on national television that the war in Afghanistan is unwinable, GOP and DMC dogs are sinking their fangs on RNC Chairman Michael Steele with the hope of masticating and swallowing him alive for his ill-fated remarks.

     The objection of politically impotent Republicans like John McCain and their inutile liberal Democrat counterparts to Steele’s honest assessment that our chance of winning this Afghan war is nil if not zero is that such remarks coming from the RNC head would demoralize our troops in the battlefields.

      But historically, Steele spoke only the truth. That’s the problem with politically correct politicians that control our lives. Politicians want to win the heart of our fighting men and women in uniform for political expediency -- even by blinding them to the truth that they were deployed in harm’s way to fight not a real war but only a politicians’ war.

      It appears to me that as one of them probably Steele got tired of lying, and went for the truth once in his entire political life.  And look how that got him into trouble!

      While a Senator, President Barack Obama was among the loudest leaders of a pack of howling dogs against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan calling it an “illegal” adventure of then master politician President George W. Bush.  By attacking Bush like how they are now bludgeoning Steele to a bloody pulp, they are showing to the American public that their heart bleeds for our soldiers who are doing their dirty work of killing and dying in the war front. It is this way how they earned their name as “bastard politicians” that run the business of the day.

      These are “bastard politicians” because their questionable behavior is not fathered by legitimate cause, only by an illegitimate cause.  It is definitely an illegitimate cause when clandestinely motivated politicians champion the well-being and safety of our soldiers when the truth is they are the ones who send them to war which they themselves declared as “illegal”, so that for political reasons their destruction can be exploited to win the support of the American public " the only shortcut they knew on the way to power.

      To illustrate this point: Then Senator Obama and a group of his anti-war entourage, were in cloud nine when they championed the cause of our men and women in uniform whom they described as “innocent lambs” that former President Bush was sending to the slaughterhouse [to the “illegal” war in Iraq and Afghanistan]. Now that Obama is sending them to the same slaughterhouse, what Obama coughed up in the air when he spat at President Bush, is landing on his own face. It makes his public appearance look so messy and dirty, not just utterly disgusting!    

      Bastard politicians are never fathered by legitimate cause. They feed on misery when courting public adulation. They have no regards to right and wrong, have no respect for human lives when they send our soldiers to the battlefield to fight their own wars, so long as they can capitalize on it and promote their political agenda. Their redeeming virtue is to lie " a fundamental sin which they need to commit in order to be politically correct. Who cares about New York’s Twin Towers going down? It does not matter who torpedoed them from below or who blew them up in the sky.   It’s all and always a good excuse to launch a politician’s war!

       You can imagine how disturbed those political warring dogs are right now after Steele broke their cardinal rule of lying to the American public. Perhaps once in his lifetime, I repeat who knows, Steele blew up the cover of the politicians’ war in Afghanistan " revealing the truth with a straightforward face that this war can only be prolonged for reasons of political expediency but it can never be won. And to those political war dogs, Steele just made a mighty kick in the ass.

       Let me address this to our readers: Does this surprise you why they are so upset?