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President Donald Trump shocked millions when he won higher office calling for stricter immigration controls, including a wall on the southern border as well as a possible Muslim ban. Trump may have won in spectacular fashion, but the backlash remains

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Watch how Volocopter imagines the future of urban transport to look like. Have a look at the day to day operations transporting up to 10.000 passengers a day with a single point to point connection. Inside the system you can see how you alight, batte

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Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof (BitNation) on the 'virtual cryptonation' - Dr Phranq Tamburri, NMD = The Trump Report - Thomas Bogle (Executive Director of the Association for Teaching Kids Economics) on teaching kids free market principles

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Video footage shows a CNN reporter visiting victims of the Douma chemical weapons attack and then sniffing their belongings, prompting some to question why the woman chose to inhale possibly dangerous substances. "There's definitely something

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Senator Rand Paul warned Tuesday that a new war powers act currently making its way through the Senate will expand the President's authority to declare war without the backing of Congress, essentially allowing the 'Commander In Chief' to wage w

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