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Article Image News Link • Global, By GEOFF EARLE

Joe Biden's 'shot and awe' plan will open 100 federal vaccination centers in stadiums and convention centers to help deliver 100 million shots in 100 days and order manufacturers to make more doses to tackle shortages

Article Image News Link • Global, Study Finds

STANFORD, Calif. -- As people age, certain cells in the body can become more problematic than others. Scientists at Stanford Medicine compare this to Smokey the Bear suddenly lighting forest fires instead of putting them out.

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Article Image News Link • Global, By ARIEL ZILBER

'We don't want Biden. We want revenge for police murders, imperialist wars, and fascist massacres': Antifa mob smash up Portland's Democratic Party HQ, burn US flags in Denver and run riot in Seattle in protest at Biden presidency

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that is when I saw a reptile-bird like creature with feathers and wings. And I knew that is was a bird because I could see the wings flapping like a bird and the feathers were blowing in the wind. The creature was like a pterodactyl because it was hu

Article Image News Link • Global, Emma Newburger

President Joe Biden signed an executive order to rejoin the U.S. into the Paris climate agreement on Wednesday, his first major action to tackle global warming as he brings the largest team of climate change experts ever into the White House.

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