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From the start of the brouhaha that President Trump initiated against North Korea for refusing to destroy its nuclear weapons, I have consistently maintained that the communist regime would never rid itself of its nukes.

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To say the US conducts "foreign policy" is patently a misnomer. US policy is nothing short of low-intensity warfare against the whole planet. Its "foreign policy" is nothing more than a continuous program of psychological operations.

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Jacob Hornberger -

America has truly become the world's dictatress -- an arrogant, ruthless, brutal dictatress that brooks no dissent from anyone in the world.

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Maduro is no fool he knows that the people are not interested in being ruled by foreign masters. The same nationalist sentiment that's sweeping the world, from France to Grand Fenwick, resists foreign "liberation" ?" especially coming from th

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Last week, it was Venezuela in America's gun sights. "While a peaceful solution is desirable, military action is possible," thundered Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. "If that's what is required, that's what the United States will do."

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Late last month, Donald Trump announced his intention to cut off U.S. foreign aid to three countries in Central America's Northern Triangle: Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

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The Chinese government delivered a rare rebuke to Washington after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused China of meddling in the affairs of Venezuela. Accusing China of harming Venezuela by trading and investing in the country is insane. He has

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White House National Security Adviser John Bolton is expanding his influence in increasingly visible ways, pursuing his own longstanding foreign policy priorities at the risk of tensions with top administration officials -- and even Donald Trump hims

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An explosive report by Reuters confirms that John Bolton sabotaged the denuclearization talks between Kim Jong un and Donald Trump in Hanoi in February. According to a March 29 exclusive by journalists Lesley Wroughton and David Brunnstrom:

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Many people think that the United States is very active, but does not succeed in much. For example, it is said that its wars in the Greater Middle East are a succession of failures. But for Thierry Meyssan, the USA has a coherent military, commercial

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In a controversial snub to international law, the United States signaled last week that it is moving to officially recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israeli territory. If the US does so, then it forfeits any moral authority to sanction Russia ov

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Max Blumenthal -

A September 2010 memo by a US-funded soft power organization that helped train Venezuelan coup leader Juan Guaido and his allies identifies the potential collapse of the country's electrical sector as "a watershed event" that "would likely ha

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President Trump's second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un last week was criticized by both parties in Washington long before Air Force One even touched down in Hanoi.