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Jim Sinclair, ages ago, told us that the moment the Obama administration threatened the Swiss with SWIFT expulsion over opening up its vaunted banking privacy rules was the equivalent of a nuclear first strike.

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Scott interviews Ray McGovern about America's perilous foreign policy stance in Eastern Europe. Over the last few years, the U.S. has increasingly thrown its support behind Ukraine--and specifically the pro-Western, anti-Russian forces in that cou

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During 2016 CIA director John Brennan and FBI director James Comey, together with the corrupt Democrat party, began orchestrating Russiagate in order to prevent Trump from reducing the risk of nuclear war by normalizing relations with Russia.

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Last Monday, in a single six-hour period, NATO launched 10 air intercepts to shadow six separate groups of Russian bombers and fighters over the Arctic, North Atlantic, North Sea, Black Sea and Baltic Sea.

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Jacob Hornberger - FFF

I'm not sure what good it did for the Cold War to end, given that the U.S. government has done everything it could since then to gin up hostilities, tension, and conflict with the communist and former communist world.

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In this video, we break down who is actually making important decisions in the Biden Administration. If Joe Biden isn't making decisions, who is? And what is Kamala Harris doing?

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Unfortunately, Joe Biden is your prime example of a standard Washington, D.C., politician. As such, as president he will just accept the status quo, defer to the national-security establishment, and do his best to make the welfare-warfare state funct

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Probably the most profound geopolitical development of the Twentieth Century was the rise of America as the world's preeminent power during and after World War II.