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Education: Private Secular Schools and Home School

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Article Image News Link • Global, By EMILY LEFROY

Ex-teacher who lives off-grid in remote Arkansas reveals why she will NEVER send her kids to school - claiming she wants to save them from 'educational TRAUMA' and insisting they learn more from survival skills like butchering chickens and using KNIV

Article Image News Link • Global, by ron paul

"Woke" culture has become so prominent in the American education system that it would not be surprising to learn that schools were replacing the once popular rhyme "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"...

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Jordan Page (Liberty Musician; Freedom Activist) comes on the show to discuss Firefly Education Network, A Homeschool Education Platform Built on the Blockchain; New Song: Son of Man (Inspired by 'The Chosen', a series about the life of Jesus and the

Article Image News Link • Global by Kerry McDonald

The education disruption caused by mass school closures and prolonged remote instruction beginning three years ago this month led many families to seek other learning options beyond an assigned district school. Emerging research reveals just how sign

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