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Philosophy: Fascism

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I was downtown last Thursday and ended up with an hour to kill before my train home, so I went down the station's back stairs and around the corner to Jay's Bar. It was almost six o'clock, so the crowd was a mix of corporate suits buying expens

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My appreciation to those with the foresight to organize this conference. I limit my remarks to definitional clarity. By "fascism" I assume we mean not merely economic corporation between government and private business, but the over-riding of c

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Fascism is a governmental system in which the means of economic production and delivery of services are privately owned but government-controlled. Throughout history -- before even getting to its racism and wars -- fascism has led to the glorificat

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Socialism & Fascism are two sides of the same totalitarian coin, with the latter ideology being an offshoot of the former. While Socialism preaches the State being the sole owner of the means of production, Fascism preaches a partnership of State (Po

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The American Thinker

It helps to understand what's coming at us if you remember that the globalist's mindset is akin to a zookeeper's. Currently, the zookeepers have their animals safely confined, but there remains a modicum of hope that the animals can liberate themsel