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Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest Phil from All That Remains (@philthatremains on YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, etc) discuss the most recent evidence collaboration between the mainstream media and the Democrats via censorship of Hunter Biden's story.

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Hard to say what's bigger in the October Surprise. Joe Biden gets caught lying in an alleged pay-for-play scandal, Facebook and Twitter do naked political censorship to influence the US election in a "Digital Civil War" , or that the FBI was gi

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In the first two debates of the 2020 general election presidential contest, former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris have claimed that President Donald Trump is personally responsible for the more than 214,00 Americans who have perished

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Tim Pool -

... To Remove BIDEN. Democrats Announce Plan To REMOVE President But NOT Trump, Pelosi Setting Stage To Remove BIDEN. Under the 25th amendment Pelosi is creating a panel that will judge a president's ability to do their job and potentially remove the

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Update (10/11/2020, 1030ET): The shooter, identified as Matthew Doloff, has been charged with first degree murder in the shooting of the Patriot Prayer demonstrator at the Denver Civic Center on Saturday.